45 Best Sex Poses – Part 1

The easiest way to add variety to your sex life is to try different sex positions. This is something you and your partner can do right now. But before we go into the list of less typical sex poses (and some classic variations, such as the sex poses of missionariescowboy girlsspoons, and dogs ), you need to ask yourself: what is what you hope to achieve by changing your sex poses?

If your sex partner is a woman, to help her reach orgasm, you will need to choose sex positions in which you can also manually stimulate your partner’s clitoris in addition to the usual act. Most women will not be able to really get aroused or have an orgasm without some form of clitoral stimulation.

If you are looking for more psychological arousal, then you can try impulsive positions. In them, sex partners can be pressed against the wall or have sex on a hard surface.

Or maybe you want to explore the elements of BDSM (English: BondageDisciplineSadismMasochism – tying, discipline, sadism, masochism). Here, too, you will find some engaging sex poses where you can feel both dominant and submissive.

Or maybe you just want to try something new? Great, just keep in mind that not all of these sex poses are appropriate for the entire length of the act. You may want to change them. In this case, you can start with one of the most extreme and athletic poses, but then move on to a less demanding pose, where you can fully relax and feel good.

Some of these poses may require a little practice. And some can be potentially dangerous – not in a sexy way, but “Oh, my back hurts!” way. Don’t overdo it. If sex poses don’t seem right, move on. Here are many to choose from. Explore them slowly. Think about what you hope to achieve from your sexual experience, and of course enjoy it.

1. Bicycle

stand and deliver sex position

Benefits: A man in this position can observe the movements of the penis.

Technique: Stand by the side of the bed or table while your partner lies on his back and raises his legs to his chest. Her knees are bent as if she were doing a ‘bike’ exercise. Grasp her ankles and enter her. Insert the member slowly, as deep jolts may be painful for her.

Also try: Have your partner place your heels on your shoulders. It will open her hips.

Tip: Encourage your partner to play with her clit. Also, explain that she can control your penetration by tightening her thighs.

2. The veiled face

face off sex position

Also Known As Lap Dance

Benefits: Face-to-face direct intimate contact; comfortable posture for a long act

Technique: Sit on the edge of a chair or bed. Then your partner sits face down on you, wraps your arms around your back, and sits on your lap. The partner can move up and down, leaning on his feet or knees. If you want faster movement, help by grabbing her buttocks.

Try also: You can also try this position while sitting in a rocking chair. Old wooden rocking chairs on wooden or stone floors provide a wide range of vibrations.

Tip: There is plenty of room for creativity in this pose to stimulate various erogenous zones in the upper body, head, neck, and face.

3. Socket

the socket sex position

Benefits: This is a good posture to imagine a little and get a new look behind your partner.

Technique: From the inverted equestrian position, make her lean forward, stretching her legs back. She should support her body, resting on her elbows, as if in a plank position.

Tip: Your partner can easily stimulate your clitoris while your partner enters it. If you’re passionate about beating, this position will fit.

4. Standing O

standing o sex position

Benefits: Ideal posture for all kinds of partner satisfaction, using the mouth to lick the clitoris, rubbing your fingers, or various sex toys to stimulate the G-spot.

Technique: One partner is on his knees, the other is standing. A stander can put one foot on his partner’s shoulder.

Tip: Ideally, your partner’s arms are tied over her head. This can be achieved using some BDSM techniques.

5. The little soaker

the little dipper sex position

Benefits: Great posture that allows him to stimulate his partner’s clitoris with both his mouth and fingers.

Technique: A person at the top uses a bed, sofa, or chair to keep himself above his partner. The person at the bottom inserts the penis into the vagina or anus. The one at the top performs elbow bending movements to move up and down on your partner’s penis.

Tip: Play with your partner’s clitoris for extra stimulation.

6. 69 bridge

Illustration, Muscle, Arm, Art, Wrestling, Grappling,

Also Known As: Golden Gate.

Technique: If you can, try it.

Tip: You may need to help lift your partner’s pelvis so that her mouth can reach your penis.

7. Cat

the cat sex position

Also known as: Coital Alignment Technique – CAT.

Benefits: Strong clitoral stimulation. In a study published in the journal ‘ Sex and Marital Therapy ‘, women who were unable to orgasm in a missionary position reported a 56% increase in orgasm using this CAT technique. Other studies show even greater success, with up to 73 percent of women reaching orgasm in this position.

Technique: CAT is very similar to the missionary posture, except that the bodies are straighter and closer together. In this position, the partner’s chest is close to the partner’s shoulders. Have her bend her legs about 45 degrees to move her hips up. In this way, continuous contact with the partner’s clitoris is maintained.

Also try: to ask your partner to straighten your legs. Press the pelvis down slightly while the partner holds the pelvis up.

Tip: Instead of moving up and down, swing back and forth to provide enough stimulus to reach your partner’s orgasm. Make this posture even better by making circular movements with your pelvis.

8. Waterfall

the waterfall sex position

Also Known As: Drunk Head.

Benefits: Blood will also flow into your partner’s other head.

Technique: Move to the side of the bed, lying with your head and shoulders on the floor while your partner rides on you. Blood will flow to your head, creating an incomprehensible feeling in your mind during orgasm.

9. One at the top

one up sex position

Benefits: This is the best posture for women with a particularly sensitive side of the clitoris.

Technique: Lie on the floor while your partner is lying on the side of the bed. Lift one of their legs and ask for support by grasping the thigh just above the knee. By lifting one hip, your partner will be able to make some movements to help in the process or guide you to the ideal place.

Tip for him: Use both tongue and finger joint during oral sex. The contrast between the soft tongue and the hard fingerbone will create a pleasant feeling.

10. Equestrian

the cowgirl sex position

Benefits: This position has both G-spot and cervical stimulation. Great position for the person at the top to control their orgasm. It also provides a great view of everything that is going on.

Technique: Equestrian is one of the best sex poses, because it provides a variety of interesting views and feelings, as well as offers your partner psychological benefits, taking responsibility for the pace and depth of movement. Both shallow and deep movements can be performed alternately. A shallow jerk will stimulate the most sensitive front of the vagina.

Also try: lying down so that your chest touches with your partner stretching your legs back. Your partner’s feet should rest on your feet and make rocking movements that rub against the vulva and clitoral area against your pubic bone for more pleasure.

Tip: From the equestrian position, let your partner switch to sitting on your face so that you can also do oral stimulation.

11. Hot chair

hot seat sex position

Also Known As: Love seat.

Benefits: Good posture for G-site stimulation.

Technique: Sit on the edge of the bed or on a chair. Your partner is sitting on your lap, turning your back. Your legs are between your partner’s legs. The woman can move back and forth or up and down by holding the edges of the chair. She can control the angle of entry by tilting her back. While the dog’s sex poses are those in which the man’s dominant position is discussed, the hot chair position is dominated by the partner. And that makes it one of the best sex poses for both of you.

Also try: your partner can reach out and stimulate the base and testicles of your penis. In the meantime, you can massage your partner’s nipples.

12. Speed ​​cycle

spin cycle sex position

Benefits: additional vibration.

Technique: This is the same ‘hot chair’ position, only this time you are both sitting on the washing machine set to the highest washing cycle.

13. Stairs to paradise

stairway to heaven sex position

Benefits: Your partner will have nowhere to stay and will not have to wait until you reach the bedroom.

Technique: This is a variation of the ‘hot chair’ posture when your partner is sitting on top of you while you are sitting on the steps. The stairs offer good seating options as well as handrails for extra support.

14. Inverted riding pose

reverse cowgirl sex position

Benefits: With a pillow under your head, you get a great view of your partner’s back. She can control the depth and pace in this position.

Technique: The partner in this position lies on his back with his legs outstretched. Ask your partner to kneel next to you, then turn and spread your legs, sitting facing you. The partner rises up and down as if riding on the partner’s penis.

Also try: Have your partner lean forward or backward to change the angle of your penis and get more stimulation.

Tip: From this position, it is easy for the partner to reach out to touch or direct the partner’s penis where it feels best.

15. Card position

pole sex position

Benefits: Double stimulation for your partner; for you – a great view of her back and the penetration of his penis in him.

Technique: Lying on your back, bend one leg with the other stretched. Your partner sits on your lap so that your thighs are on either side of your bent legs. Your partner can hold your knee and use it to support you.

Try it too: She can press hard on her partner’s bent thighs to get even more pleasant feelings by rubbing.

Tip: Your partner can massage your partner’s leg during the operation or reach out and touch her penis.

16. The lazy man

the lazy man sex position

Benefits: Gives control to her, maintains intimacy.

Technique: Place pillows behind your back and sit on the bed with your legs outstretched. Your partner squats on your lap and moves up and down on the base of your foot. The partner uses one hand to push the penis into himself. The partner can easily control the depth and speed of movement.

Also try: From this position, you both fall into the position of a ‘spider’ or an even more challenging variation of this position called ‘X’.

17. David Copperfield

david copperfield sex position

Benefits: This posture will be of little resistance to those partners who prefer strong, upward action.

Technique: Place a pillow under your partner’s hips to raise your pelvis. Bend her legs so she can place her legs on your shoulders.

Also try: intensify your oral efforts with simple hand movements: try to press lightly on your abdomen with your hands, stretching the skin away from the pubic bone and helping to expose the clitoris.

Tip: Let your tongue rest firmly and flat over the entire length of your vaginal entrance, then let your partner move and rub against your tongue.

18. Heir to the throne

heir to the throne sex position

Also Known As: Lazy Girl.

Benefits: The most important sex posture that will arouse your partner. Use this posture to help your partner adjust and relax.

Technique: Have your partner sit on a chair with their legs wide open. Next, you take control. Your partner can guide you easily and she will have a good view of what is going on between her legs.

Also try: Sit on a swivel chair and turn it left and right while holding your tongue still.

Tip: Insert your index finger and ring finger into your vagina and perform “come here” movements to wake her G-spot. Press the pubic bone with your tongue or other hand. This double stimulation, if executed accurately, will cause your partner to melt.

19. The service is closed

closed for business sex position

Technique: Direct stimulation of the clitoris may be uncomfortable for some women. In this case, it could help for your partner to shrink her legs during oral sex. With a little pressure, place your hand over her pubic bone, then work your tongue around your clitoris with firm tongue movements.

Tip: Use both your tongue and your finger joint during oral sex. The contrast between the soft tongue and the hard fingerbone will create a pleasant feeling.

20. Pretzel

the pretzel sex position

Benefits: Deep dog-style face-to-face posture.

Technique: Kneel down and grasp your partner’s left leg between her while she is lying on her left side. Your partner wraps your right leg around the right side of your waist, allowing you to enter her vagina. Penetration from behind often causes back pain in women, but this sex posture allows the partner to relax comfortably while enjoying a deep penis penetration.

Also try: Manually stimulate your partner with your fingers. Or remove the penis and rub its head against your partner’s clitoris to bring him close to orgasm.

Tip: Treat a woman’s clitoris gently. It is more sensitive than your penis, so tap lightly at first. Some women even prefer gentle pressure around it rather than direct stimulation. Start slowly and gently, then increase speed and pressure.

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