Male Escort. How Much Do They Make And What Women Don’t They Serve

The history of female prostitution dates back to ancient times. Now it exists in almost all countries of the world. The forms of prostitution have changed over time. One of them is an escort, where customers are not only accompanied on outings, various events and meetings, but also provided with sexual services. Male escort are becoming more and more popular. How do they get into this profession, how much do they earn and how do they fulfill the unpredictable, strange desires of their clients?

There are two ways to find customers

Male escort is a rather closed business where most try to work independently. However, there are many agencies in the West that help newcomers find clients. One of the most popular is ‘American Cowboys 4 Angels’. However, sex services are usually not included in the price list of such organizations – they are provided to clients for an additional fee without publicity.

“Men on call” usually hide their activities from friends and family to avoid condemnation and dislike. For this reason, they tend to work alone and find clients on their own through social networks and relevant dating sites.

However, we know little about the male companions. Despite the fact that men working in this field are no less popular than women. Why is it more difficult for men to work in this field than for women, although they are not inferior to them in terms of appearance and attractiveness?

Journalists have not only discussed with representatives of this profession, but also conducted an experiment, pretending to be a woman looking for a “man on call”, writes

According to the portal, male escorts find clients in two ways: through agents and independently by uploading advertisements on social networks. Of course, it is easier to work through agencies – safer and less likely to be scammed. However, you have to share a fairly significant percentage of what you earn with the agency. That is why many male escorts, who are simply called gigolos, tend to find clients themselves.

There are several platforms where easy money seekers have the opportunity to chat with women of all ages and show them the “diamond-covered sky”.

True, it was difficult for journalists to find a gigolo who would agree to give an interview. If girls do not hesitate to publish their photos and easily establish contacts, then many young men to whom journalists wrote simply refused to communicate. However, one decided to make money from it and asked for 1 thousand euros for the services of an interviewer.

The guy, let’s call him Igor, started working as an escort after he noticed that he could very easily attract women 5-10 years older than him. That’s when he decided that it was possible to turn affection into money. The starting price is 100 euros per hour, but this is without extras, which are “necessities in the process”. Besides, according to Igor, one hour sounds kind of frivolous.

“Before meeting with the client, we discuss everything over the phone, including the price. Since I am self-employed, there is an opportunity to negotiate – in this sense, everything here is the same as in any other field. Then we exchange photos – I pay attention to her age, appearance. Respectively, there should be at least liking from my side as well. Then we find out if everything satisfies us”, the gigolo shares his work experience.

A woman’s appearance and age are important to Igor, because an unpleasant incident once happened, which cost the guy a lot of nerves, but his client – a lot of new complexes.

“Once I came to a 49-50-year-old woman: her lips and breasts were pumped, her eyebrows were raised, her eyelashes were glued on. When we got to THAT, I felt an inexplicable wild disgust and…nothing happened. Then I apologized to her, told her that I didn’t want to anymore and left. It’s unpleasant to insult women, so I try not to meet such women anymore,” Igor shared his experiences.

Now the probability of such incidents has decreased to a minimum – in two years, Igor has managed to accumulate his circle of regular customers, and, of course, the information is passed on by word of mouth. So he needs to place ads only occasionally, because there are enough orders without them.

“I meet with two, maximum three clients a day. After all, they pay, so they ask for everything to the maximum. I can’t just walk in, do it and leave. Word of mouth is also very important in my profession – after all, that’s the psychology of a woman. She meets with girlfriends, shares secrets while sipping wine. And if one friend says that she has found a man, the other immediately wants the same thing,” explains the interviewee.

According to him, despite the demand for this type of service among women, it is more difficult for men to work as an escort. In addition, many potential customers do not know about the existence of such a service or do not know where to look for it.

Tired of family life

“It was difficult at first. We earn less than women. Although the prices, of course, differ – some ask for 100 euros, while others ask for 300. However, everything depends on the accessories that the customer chooses,” says Igor.

According to him, there are more and more women who just want to talk, so there might as well not be sex. “I have had more than one such encounter. Mostly these are women who are simply tired of family life. One said that she lives in a golden cage, that her husband humiliates her, abuses her, treats her like an empty space – he doesn’t pay attention to her. So, you have to listen to all this calmly and carefully like a psychologist. If necessary, give advice, sympathize, hug, kiss. Most of the time, this is what women lack – tenderness and sweet words”, Igors teaches in a scholarly tone.

He considers such meetings the most difficult. It’s one thing when you come, work and leave… And it’s quite another thing when you have to let someone else’s pain and experiences go through you.

Most of Igor’s clients are affluent women between the ages of 35 and 50. 80 percent are married and have children. They are those who are tired of family life and want to brighten up their everyday life with new, bright colors.

“Judging by their stories: the first year of married life is good, sex two or three times a day, then all this fun gradually disappears,” Igor shares the stories of his clients. “After that, sex is only once a week, then once a month, once every six months. The conclusion is simple: she invites me because there is no normal sex life in marriage.”

The main goal of male service providers is simple and clear – to satisfy lust and have a nice time in the company of the client. According to Igor, women usually turn to escorts when family problems arise or worsen.

“In the end, the husband usually says to his wife: “Get undressed and let’s go!”. It is clear that she wants sex, but first you need to hold her tightly, talk to her. Unlike male clients who take escort girls abroad, male escorts cannot do this with their female clients. “Since they have a family, children, they have to take care of housework. Their time is quite limited – up to two or three hours.”

The interviewer does not hide that he had meetings outside the bed. “Once a client brought me to a group of her friends who were also with their companions. All these women knew my client was married, but they didn’t care. And as I later understood from their conversations, their partners were from the same sphere as me,” he says.

Igor also had very extravagant dates. Once he was invited to a meeting by a couple. Despite the fact that everything went well, the guy no longer signs up for such experiments. “I posted an ad. A man wrote to me that he wanted to surprise a girl and invited me to be the third. We met, had coffee, discussed the script. I agreed, but to be honest, I was a little afraid – in front of him with his girl, and if he starts being jealous… And, God forbid, he starts waving his fists… But everything went well. When I wrote to him about three months later, it turned out that they had broken up. As far as I understood, the girl really liked this experiment, she wanted more, but something didn’t suit him,” Igor reveals the secrets of his work.

In his opinion, apart from jealous spouses of clients, male escorts can feel safer than female escorts. There is essentially no risk of abuse and payment fraud is much less common.

“I suspected that competitors from agencies might have called me under the guise of a potential client. After all, I work for myself, but some people think I have to pay someone. Illegal brothels have their own “roof”, and that’s how it is here… But, fortunately, it’s been avoided for now,” the interviewee notes.

According to him, another big problem is the morbid jealousy and excessive love of some clients. “Sometimes something happens in their heads and they start saying: ‘You are mine, only mine! Don’t sleep with others, I will pay you!” the guy explains emotionally. “But I never agree because I understand how it can end.” Also, most of his clients are married women, so he’s not going to run into a stranger’s family. Although there have been cases where more than one client is already preparing to leave her spouse. But Igor doesn’t even consider spending the rest of his life with one of his clients.

He never thinks about money, but he does not refuse gifts

Next, the journalists decided to conduct an experiment and created a fake profile on one of the most popular dating sites. The protagonist of the experiment is a 55-year-old woman whose photo she borrowed from a social network page.

Despite the fact that Svetlana (that’s how it was decided to call this lady) looked like a woman of her age, she diligently took care of her appearance. She is a brunette with curly hair, divorced, children are grown and living separately, rich, has a spacious apartment in a prestigious part of the city. Svetlana is looking for a young man for regular meetings on a commercial basis. This ad turned out to be very tempting as she had to sift through the piles of offers.

One of the first was Anton, a 30-year-old man who promised the woman a “pleasant surprise” and that he would certainly satisfy all her wishes. The first conversation was quite romantic, but at the same time business: the guy was interested in Svetlana’s family situation. However, he confirmed that he had recently undergone health tests, so she can be calm about everything.

Seeing that Svetlana stopped responding to messages for unknown reasons (in fact, maybe she went to sleep), the young man showed enviable perseverance and showered the woman with compliments and declarations of love.

However, escorting is not the main occupation of all men. The surprise of the journalists was former professional speed skater Kirill. Now he works as a coach, plays amateur football and thus earns a living. True, as he himself claims, he took on escort work not for money, but for gifts.

“I’ve been an escort for four years and I know what that means. For me, sex is the art of giving pleasure. A person must be very good with me, and if not, then who needs it? I don’t consider it work because I have a job and I train for fun. I never think about money, but I don’t refuse gifts,” Kirill answers Svetlana’s questions.

Another candidate for Svetlana’s bed, Alexander, has graduated from university and works as an analyst. He was completely satisfied with the woman’s offer of 300 euros for the meeting.

According to the journalists who conducted the experiment, even if some of the guys working in this field somehow manage to be recognized in the crowd or on social networks, no one betrays the man who works as an escort. There is a high probability that he will be an open and sociable guy with a higher education and a job. However, as Alexander noted, money is never too much, so it is hard to resist the offered 100-300 euros for an hour of love.

The popularity of male escorts is determined by the wishes of customers. Women who apply for these services are quite selective: they are interested not only in a man’s attractive appearance, but also in erudition, intelligence, and good manners. Customers must be satisfied.

A beautiful toy in the hands of his client

YouTube blogger, 25-year-old Lithuanian Romanas Želudas is a frequent visitor to the USA.

“The first thing that attracted me to escorting was that I would have the opportunity to meet interesting people from different countries. My services include various escorts: to restaurants, trips, business meetings, even signing contracts. You can say that I am a beautiful toy in the hands of my clients,” says Romanas.

According to him, before providing escort services, he worked as a video content creator for large companies. He knew his field very well, so the management appreciated him.

“However, I, like other men, began to spend money in large quantities. Actually, I like escort work because I get a lot of expensive gifts”, says Romanas. “In general, if a person really wants you, he will definitely ask what you like and what things you would like to receive from him. For example, you can ask the client to buy a camera that costs $3,000, a good laptop, and other expensive gifts.”

According to his claim, he earns at least one thousand US dollars a day. Mostly it’s going to a club party or dinner. On some days, a client can pay three to five thousand dollars for entertainment. Needless to say, an excellent command of English is essential.

“I’m not very familiar with escorting in Russia, because here I’m more known only for the popularity of my blogs. But I know that working there is quite problematic. I can only say that almost no one is offered such money in Russia as abroad. Guys who post their profiles on classifieds platforms are ready to make love for five to ten thousand rubles (50-100 euros), but this is no longer an escort.”

The man is also calm about the condemnation of those around him, because he leaves Russia and goes to another part of the world, where no one knows him. “It would be much more difficult to do it at home. At the end of the day, it’s my personal choice and my life,” he says.

He has also never had any dealings with the police because, according to him, the police are more likely to catch escort girls.

Customers are usually found through certain websites

“Customers are different. To my surprise, they are often young girls, sometimes guys and even businessmen. I once did a strip dance at a bride’s bachelorette party. That was her wish, even though I’m not a stripper. For good money you can do what you want…”, Romanas does not hide behind the scenes of his work. According to him, the money earned in escort work can be spent not only on clothes created by famous designers and beauty salons, but also on courses, university studies or own business. Because an escort is not forever.

39-year-old Mihail, a massage therapist, joined the escort business only for the money. Until then, he has been successfully engaged in professional home massage services for several years. “Even back then, clients occasionally mentioned or even offered sex, but I refused. Because I did not feel any attraction, sympathy or interest towards these women,” admits the masseur.

However, the man did not hide that in one of the sessions the client showed signs of appropriate attention, which he did not expect. And for stronger emotions, the client offered an amount of money that he did not expect – this tipped the scales in her favor.

Since then, the history of his work in the field of escorts began. Among his services are escorts to restaurants, theaters, birthdays or company parties. In addition, he has agreed to participate in business negotiations, to accompany them on business trips and vacations.

He also attended parties for law enforcement officers

The services are different, depending on the wishes of the customers. Sometimes they just stop by and chat over a cup of coffee. It just lifts a person’s mood if she is sad that night. At the same time giving someone advice, just listening or sharing your joy.

“It seems to me that a normal man has only one reason to choose this profession. Because you can find adventures both outside of this job and with a girl you like,” Mihails is confident.

He needs the income from this activity to compensate for the physical and psychological overload. “Sometimes we get surprises from clients, but they are certainly not apartments or cars. If a person wants to please me, that’s wonderful, I’m grateful for gifts, but I never ask for anything myself,” the masseur is confident.

According to him, the Russian escort market is experiencing difficult times. 80% of guys on dating sites find it difficult to connect and meet girls in general. So he decides to take a risk – he writes the lowest price under the photos and waits.

“A lot of profiles are also fake, so it’s like Russian roulette as to who will actually visit you that night,” says Mihail. “In general, this activity here is poorly organized, because there are not so many men who are suitable for this work. I mean appearance, intelligence, sense of tact and, above all, a normal, human attitude towards people. On the other hand, society has a negative view of this profession.”

Mihails also usually finds clients on the Internet, less often – based on recommendations. He keeps everything related to the escort a secret, not telling even his closest friends, let alone his family. He has clients he has known for years and trusts them completely. He has taken them to birthday parties more than once. He has also been to parties of law enforcement officers several times.

“Each client has her own story. As for age, it ranges from 19 to 47 years. But I am mostly approached by women aged 27-43. I once played the role of the groom in a photo shoot where there was a limousine, flowers, a girl in a wedding dress. Filming took place in famous and beautiful places. It was necessary to publish content on the social media that the client is married,” Mihail revealed the secret.

The man still remembers another spicy offer. A woman called and asked to seduce her husband’s lover and then take a picture. The wife planned to show these shots to her husband so that he would roll his eyes and leave her after seeing her rival’s promiscuous lifestyle.

“I usually refuse such offers. Lying to a girl and taking compromising photos, knowing that later she will have serious problems because of me, is not manly behavior,” confirms the masseur. “A wife should resolve all issues together with her husband, and not use such methods to get rid of his lover. Most often, such women do not understand that after one lover, another will soon appear. First of all, it is necessary to change the relationships in the family.”

Desire for adventures, events, constant movement

Maxim, a 30-year-old Muscovite, combines escort work with his main job. But he performs escort work at the highest level, is well educated, has an excellent economic education, knows how to communicate with different people.

However, he has always lacked freedom in his professional work. He is an active person by nature, so he cannot sit still. He wants adventures, events, constant movement.

It so happened that he often communicated not with his peers, but with women older than him, who showed genuine interest. The man was proud of his excellent physical gifts: tall, athletic build, handsome, attractive – women always paid attention to him.

“I’ve known what “gigolo” means for a long time, because it’s no secret that there are guys who provide sexual services for money. Out of curiosity, I browsed websites where you can order a partner, and then I thought: how to replenish the ranks of male companions?” Max shares the beginning of his professional path.

According to him, then he began to wonder, who are the women who order the guys? How old are they, what do they look like? All this stimulated his imagination and aroused his interest. “I sent my profile to several escort agencies and waited for a response.”

“I didn’t get an answer from some agencies, and several asked for money – from five to 15 thousand rubles (50-150 euros). That is, you transfer money to the specified account and post the form on a closed website. Everything is very hazy, there is no guarantee that you will actually get on that list and be noticed,” says Maxim.

He reveals that some accounts had no text, just pictures of guys. Think a woman wouldn’t be interested in learning more about him? It is also unclear whether these photos are real. I wonder who could offer women something new? It was then that he decided to found his own “MAX XXL” agency, which is currently one of the most popular in Russia, writes

Over time, he learned several massage techniques, learned striptease and, of course, learned a lot about the female body and physiology. He also became familiar with marketing. For example, a customer is given a 30% discount on her birthday. Or, if for some reason the date drags on for 30-40 minutes longer, no more money is asked for it.

He takes care of himself: he spends two to three hours every day on sports and various beauty treatments. Performs manicure, pedicure and depilation. He visits the hairdresser once a week. Health checks are performed once a month. He values his reputation, so he always thinks about safe sex. Condoms are always with him and he uses latex wipes for cunnilingus.

“A woman is interested not only in the appearance of a man who will come to her, but also in his personality. She wants communication, understanding. Therefore, he must be an interesting person. It is important for women to have attraction, mutual interest, a spark of passion,” Max teaches.

Always reserves the right to refuse

According to him, more and more women are ordering escort services in Moscow. “My clients are women of different ages and social status. I have been in relationships with both very rich ladies and middle class women. I also had an intimate meeting with a psychologist. It turns out that sometimes they need help too. Most of the orders are received from 30-40 year old ladies. It is a wonderful age when a woman already knows what she wants,” Maxim explains in the tone of a connoisseur.

However, he is also cautious, so he always reserves the right to refuse. For example, never approach a woman who is drunk. “I always warn the client not to drink alcohol excessively after making an appointment. But once I arrived, she had already finished a whole bottle of champagne. After three minutes, I realized that it would be more valuable for the client to lie down and rest. I said goodbye and left,” the man recalls.

Max follows one more rule – no sex with men! “I’m heterosexual, I only have intimate relationships with ladies, so no men. I will not give up this principle for any money,” he asserts.

But it is said that sometimes couples also invite him. A man wanted to fulfill his long cherished sex fantasy – to try “man-woman-man”. In such cases, Max has a difficult task: to please the woman and at the same time leave a good impression on the man. In addition, a man can simply watch during sex. “Some couples shoot videos for their home archives. Among my clients are BDSM lovers. One of them is an old business woman I know. During our meetings, this woman tends to obey and behave more passively. We start the game in the elevator, on the way to the room. Then comes the spanking and tying up. I always take a whip with me when I go to see her,” says Maxim.

According to him, a woman’s sexual arousal is extremely important, but forcing yourself to do something is impossible. “It’s physiology and there’s nothing you can do about it. All you have to do is apologize and leave. But I always try to find a way out,” he adds.

Maxim remembered the case when he came to one of his clients. At first glance, she seemed boring and even a little shallow. The woman was dressed in sports clothes, her hair was not even combed. Nothing interesting, rather, on the contrary. But when they started talking, he offered to share his experience of sex, and this attracted the woman. “We made love in the shower, on the kitchen floor, on the balcony. Sometimes you just need a little push, and then everything goes smoothly,” concludes the man.

According to Max, women expect more from him than just sex. They can call him at any time of the day – he is available 24/7. He doesn’t ask for money for such talks – it’s a small bonus. He likes to communicate, so he is always ready to give advice, encourage or just listen. Maxim puts on the “brakes” only when he notices that the client is falling in love with him.

He meets with some of them regularly, even on holidays: they discuss everyday issues and share their thoughts. “It is very convenient for women to have such a man by their side: a friend, a lover and a stylish gentleman. And no need to wash his socks. In addition, for money, a lady gets not only great company, but also comfort, respect, sincerity. True, this is not a cheap pleasure – such a service costs an average of 100 thousand rubles (about 1 thousand euros) per month,” says Maxim.

Clients are also interested in him as a personality

He does not yet think how long he will provide escort services. Now he is at the peak of his career, he has enough money, his age allows him to work at full capacity. Although he has definite plans for life, he himself does not know what will happen next. He doesn’t deny that men do this business in order to have a lot of money, he assures that it is not so easy to enter this industry.

According to him, of course, anyone can surf the Internet and find several sites that publish either photos stolen from abroad or simply photoshopped images. “Erudition and constant addition of knowledge helps me. By the way, men often take pictures of themselves naked, highlighting photos of their genitals, thinking that this is what attracts women. I follow a different concept. I don’t mean just the physical side. Many people think that if you come to a client, she is just enjoying your body. However, this is far from the truth,” the interviewee assures.

Maxim says that clients are also interested in him as a person.”If I wasn’t interesting, I don’t know if any of them would want to keep in touch. A pumped-up body and a certain penis size are definitely not enough. I understood it immediately,” he concludes.

The man is proud to be able to offer what clients especially value – confidentiality. “Clients trust me, so they reveal all their secrets. In addition, everything that happens in the apartment or room remains only between us”, claims the escort service provider.

According to him, although this field of activity is quite popular, a whole bunch of men are not really going to become companions. In general, straight male escorts lag behind because they are hard to find, whereas gay escorts are not a problem.

According to him, not everyone is ready to let a stranger into their territory, because there is no guarantee that he will not disappoint and will not give one hundred percent pleasure.

Maxim also showed journalists a rather long list of services, from romantic one-hour dates to a meeting program, BDSM sessions, dinner in a restaurant and the like. Various massages are also offered to clients.

“I never dig into a woman’s heart, I don’t ask why she decided to call me – unless she wants to tell me. According to my personal observations, the reasons are as follows: either she recently broke up with her beloved, or the divorce process is underway, or because of her husband’s infidelity,” summarizes Maxim. After thinking, he added that there are women who are simply tired of family life.

The interviewee also said that he was not used to abusing his services. Sometimes the women prepare dinner before he arrives. “These days, few people appreciate the concern of another person, so I always pay attention to things like this,” he says.

Maxim also told journalists about one incident that happened at the beginning of his career. “I was about to leave when suddenly a woman opened the door of another room and a drunken man was snorting behind it. While I was putting on my shoes, the customer poured a cup of water and splashed it in the man’s face. Of course he jumped to his feet and started asking who I was. I tried to explain diplomatically without causing a conflict. Everything ended well. Now I remember that with a smile, but then I was really scared,” he says.

According to him, there have been no more similar cases, because those who want to have fun behave responsibly and thoughtfully.

“My work is not easy, as it may seem from the outside. There is not only psychological, but also emotional and physical tension. Sometimes you have to go to a woman at three in the morning and work not for fun. Few people understand that it is not easy,” says Maxim.


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