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Naughty Midsummer folk songs


Growing up in front of me

Small black fern;

On Midsummer night the guys came

Golden flowers to look at.


Who slept on the night of midsummer,

Will sleep all summer ‘.

Who was fuckin on midsummer’s night,

Fucked all summer.



Have sex , girl, when you want

There will be no sex on Midsummer night:

Then grow the sons of the ground, thick,

To the daughters horny.


Who wants to drink Midsummer beer ,

Midsummer cheese snacks,

It will have on Midsummer’s Eve

New Janis must be made.


The Midsummer grass alone

Somewhat lying, somewhat standing;

When she sees new daughters,

Then stood upright all night.


Jānis went to mow the grass

On the very evening of Midsummer;

Skipping the scythe,

The balls moved.



Chick Jāņa Day,

Brings me a rich man;

When you lead a young one, then lead a beautiful,

When you lead the old, then the rich.


Beer, beer, beer boy!

Where was the beer boy left?

Beer boy in the basement

Changing pants with daughters!


To my compatriot

I gave upright, singing.

I’m not going for nothing

Swinging on the ground!


Dance, boy, as much as you want

Do not tear my lindraciņu;

I’ll give you as much as you want

When mom doesn’t see.


All alone Midsummer grass

At times large, at times small:

Stretched in the heat,

Shrinked in the cold.


Anna blushing comes out,

Brought her kitty confused.

Your own fault it was

Who gwent to the ‘people’s barns.


Around it the edge of my ditch

Black willows overgrown;

Take, boy, golden scissors

Blow the edges of my ditch.


Jāņa brother

Blue spot in the abdomen.

Therefore, a blue spot,

That the girls didn’t love


I was a rider,

I rode day, I rode night:

All day riding Mr. horses,

At Night Mr. gasp.


Jānīt, your strong grass,

Tearing down, farted:

Stem in thickness like an arm,

Inflorescence in the width of the palm.


Ai, mommy, ai, mommy,

Your Janis a villain:

Yesterday drives the traces of a flea

Over the girl’s belly.


I’m a boy, you girl,

Let’s both wish:

You have a good alkaline trough,

I have a good drum mound.



Oh you toad, daughter of the people,

Your beautiful breast cord!

I missed the trousers button,

From looking at you.


Give, mom, who to give,

Don’t give me to the scraper:

The tailor will spoil me

With his sharp dick.


I just slept upstairs

In his father’s field,

Hands, legs fluttering,

Waiting for the village guys.


Daddy fucking the mom,

On the stomach sleeping.

Pulls out the meat whip,

Cuts through the hole itself.


I grabbed Sīmaņa dick

Along the table I measured:

Five splits three cubits,

At the end of the sixth jar.


Oh, oh, Jānīti,

Your sharp gear!

Jumping from a horse,

Stabbed a piglet.

https://www.nsaem.news/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/%D8%AA%D9%81%D8%B3%D9%8A%D8%B1-%D8%A7%D9%84% D8% B3% D9% 8A% D8% B1-% D8% B9% D8% A7% D8% B1% D9% 8A-% D9% 81% D9% 8A-% D8% A7% D9% 84% D9% 85 % D9% 86% D8% A7% D9% 85.jpg


The villagers pronounced ‘,

That’s not all the pieces.

Come here, village guys,

Here are all the pieces.

Here beans, here navel,

This is the edge of the ditch,

This is the edge of the ditch,

Black alder overgrowth.


Thin and long, thin and long

Mr. Leišu cock,

Setting the sun when he puts it in,

The sun rises as you pull out.


Thank you mom

About that liquid lindracer,

The cock of the son of the people

She ran through, whistling


Plowing, harrowing

Around the corncrake.

Loving, fucking

Around the corncrake girl.


Janis with his stiff bib


To whom the frame did not sleep

In the black panties.

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