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People discover their best (and worst) experiences of having sex outdoors

Outdoor sex is always a bit exciting. There is a risk of being caught, which undoubtedly increases the enthusiasm of some people – but it can end up not as intended or even fined/arrested, depending on where you do it.

Of course, there is also a relative level of comfort – for example, if you decide to do it in the woods, there is a chance to collide with sharps or accidentally turn, for example, on sharp grass. Or, if you have sex on the beach, the sand can get into the places where you least want it.

But on the other hand, outdoor sex can be fantastic if done right.

If you haven’t enjoyed it yet, draw inspiration (or take into account less good experiences) from these five experience stories.

From crazy sex in the park to using sex toys on a fishing trip – these people share the best and worst experiences of having sex outdoors.

Maya, 23

“When I was with my ex-boyfriend, we often went fishing – during the day and overnight.”

‘We did it in the bushes, waiting for the fish to catch.’

“It was great because we were able to take all our sex toys with us and no one will hear your vibrator drone in the fields?”

‘In the summer I used to walk with an anal plug. When you’re outside, the feeling is much worse. ‘

Bella, 30

“I went to a 21-year-old party and immediately met the guy and I knew I wanted to sleep with him.”

‘We chatted a bit and then decided to go outside. We couldn’t do it at home because there was a party and all the rooms were filled with people partying or sleeping. ‘

‘We had to cross the street and go to the local church garden (basically the cemetery) and try to have sex against the church wall, but having sex on my feet has always been a bit difficult for me, so we moved to the trampoline on the church playground and continued to have sex there.’

‘Eventually, we gave up and lay down on the cold, hard land of January 4 right in the church parking lot.’

‘It was absolutely strenuous outside, and none of us finished. It was a funny disappointment and a kind of scary weird experience. ‘

Stefan, 34

‘I had my first date in a quiet, dandelion-covered park in the heart of a city. During the date, I was asked about every detail of my life – until I was curled up, kneeling as a child, thinking about my existence and the morals of life. ‘

‘The date/interrogation lasted until dusk, then the conversation died and I was ready to go home.’

“But as I watched as I cleaned up our date, our eyes met – and she tossed on top of me.”

‘We had sex hiding among the trees, with a crowded football match to our right and a swan-filled lake surrounded by families and children to our left.’

‘It wasn’t long, but it was weirdly great – we had sex as if we hated each other. It was gorgeous, full of anger and rage. ‘

‘A week later, I sent her a text message saying that I didn’t believe we had compatibility in the dating application. She replied, saying she appreciated my text message. ‘

Daniel, 29

‘While I was in university, I lived with my parents, and so did my friend at the time.’

‘Unfortunately, this meant that we could not really have sex in bed because my family was quite religious and he had not yet told his family about his orientation. That’s why we chose sex in cars and parks. ‘

‘Once we drove to a local national park and found a trail that looked pretty closed. After careful verification, we started doing things. ‘

“We got so excited and forgot to look around that suddenly a guy appeared next to us walking with his dog.”

“We stopped quickly, and the man-made some horrible sound and walked away quickly.”

“We went back to our car and finished the sex, which was strangely even more exciting after the attachment.”

Patrick, 30

‘Before meeting my current girlfriend, I often slept with different women.’

‘One time I went for a night walk with a girlfriend who I used to sleep in, and we found ourselves having sex on the beach.’

‘It was one of those beaches with a high flood wall, and the shore was below. I remember we definitely heard people passing over our heads, so we had to be quiet (but luckily we couldn’t see us). ‘

‘All I remember is that the sound of the waves and the night sky made the whole process really breathtaking, with the added risk of being caught.’

‘Although it was quite uncomfortable. (It was a pebble beach.) ‘

Ambera, 22

‘It was a very early summer morning and it was so bright that it literally looked like the middle of the day.’

“We couldn’t go to me or his house, so we thought, ‘hell, let’s try to do it outside.’ ‘

‘I was too scared to do it near people’s houses, instead, we went under a pretty big bridge and tried to do it there.’

‘I put on my coat and lay on my back. We’re starting to do it, but he couldn’t stay solid for more than seven seconds because he was very nervous. ‘

‘Then we suddenly heard dog stunners and literally pulled up our pants and ran away.’

“After that, I didn’t talk to her for a while and we never had sex again.”

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