The strangest sex trends in history

What are the strangest and most surreal sex trends in history? How have people had sex in the past? How has sex changed over the centuries? People have been involved in this type of physical intimacy since time immemorial, and historically, sex has been and still is exciting, full of interesting techniques, trends, and fashion items.

This topic was often considered too intimate to discuss. And even the conditions of private life at homemade people feel uncomfortable. This led to the imposition of various rules imposed by society or dominant groups, such as the church teaching people how to properly build relationships with their loved ones. The Catholic Church believed that sex was for reproductive purposes only, while others opted for a more hedonistic approach. These restrictions created some rather strange ways for people to release their accumulated sexual tension.

1. Pleasure devices were used for medical purposes

Nowadays, it may seem obvious that women feel the same way as men, but in reality, this way of thinking has been introduced relatively recently. Before the 20th century, women were considered pure and innocent, and it was, therefore, absurd to think that they could experience lust. The accumulated dissatisfaction of women was called hysteria. Curing this so-called hysteria meant visiting a doctor’s office so that they could massage the afflicted area with a specially designed electrical pleasure device, from which modern equivalents also originated.

2. In ancient Egypt, quite rough sex was practiced

People practiced various rough sex games long before ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’ introduced it into the daily lives of modern people. In ancient Egypt, intimacy was revealed and often even expressed in public in many ways, which, given the time period, might seem shocking to us.


The Etruscans played a harsh sex game, and the walls of the ancient tombs depict men engaging in these cruel activities with women .

3. Lipstick was used to indicate the “skills” of oral sex

When it comes to the appeal of lipstick, thank you to Heisel Bishop, a World War I chemist who invented a lipstick that doesn’t smear. The lipstick itself has existed since ancient times. In ancient Egypt, these cosmetics were used by both women and men. The sex workers’ brightly colored lips meant that the man was endowed with particularly good oral sex skills.

4. Puritan love for animals

Today, the Puritans are known for their religious zeal and chastity, but how pure were they really? It is believed that the Puritans agreed to have sex with animals. Known as sodomy, sex with animals was considered the most heinous crime and was punished accordingly.

Of course, the law did not prevent people from doing so. An infamous sodomy practitioner, Thomas Granger, was executed for this reason.

5. The postal service confiscated the sex toys

The idea of ​​taking away mail because it doesn’t meet a standard seems weird? Believe it or not, in 19th-century America, there were official censors in the postal service who were obliged to seize any obscene mail, and one such person was Anthony Comstock.

He believed in the moral ideal of Victorian times and confiscated thousands of fun toys during his lifetime, which he considered inappropriate.

6. Spici shoe toes

One of the most popular fashion trends in Northern Europe in the Middle Ages was to wear shoes with pointed toes. It was believed that the sharper the toes of a man’s shoes, the larger his size.


7. Bread as a sex toy

The Greeks were crazy about sex, as evidenced by the interesting ways they released their sexual tension. They used almost everything for it, including hardened bread. They were called Olisbo-Kollix and were soaked in olive oil for maximum slip.

8. Foot fetish as a method of intimacy

One of the most attractive and mysterious parts of the body is a woman’s legs. Foot and foot fetish is so widespread that this intimate trend was already present in 17th century Europe. At that time, various diseases were raging here, so proximity was not the best idea. It didn’t stop people from being creative and starting to turn to foot fetish.


9. The Greeks believed that lettuce was anti-aphrodisiac

Healthy sex life was an integral part of the Greek way of life, so they had to follow a careful diet to maintain their sexual appetite. The list of foods that should not be eaten included salad, as it was thought to cause erection problems.

10. Ointment from mouse feces

The Romans were as crazy as the Greeks in terms of lust. Although they actively engaged in various intimate activities, sometimes it was simply out of place. Therefore, they came up with an ointment that was designed to reduce men’s desire for sex. What was it made of? Of course, from mouse feces.

11. Condoms of animal origin

There are many things that people owe to modern medicine and science. One of them is the invention of latex, which is the material from which most modern condoms are made. The Romans did not have such a privilege. Their condoms were made from animal parts.


12. Crackers to reduce cravings

Modern ‘Graham’ crackers were first made in the 19th century. The inventor Graham himself believed that a bad, unhealthy diet was to blame for lust, so he developed a methodology for living a better life without sin, and called his followers “Grahamians.”

He thought that white flour was unhealthy, so he figured out a way to make bread with wholemeal flour. He also believed that a diet consisting of bread and water made by him was enough to eliminate the temptation after sex.

13. Pharaohs of Egypt and the river Nile

The creator of life in Egyptian mythology is the Atum. Want to know how he created life? By sharing your “fluids”. The myth is that his excessive division caused the Nile. Therefore, in honor of him, the Egyptian pharaohs would faithfully restore this scene by splashing their “juice of life” on the Nile.

14. Octopus-inspired images from the 19th century

We can only try to understand the Japanese surreal intimate passion for tentacles and various animated images. But this is not just a modern trend; it stems from popular pursuits in the far 1800s.

https://render.fineartamerica.com/images/rendered/default/flat/beach-towel/images/artworkimages/medium/3/the-dream-of-the-fishermans-wife-1814-katsushika-hokusai.jpg? & targetx = 0 & targety = -93 & imagewidth = 952 & imageheight = 662 & modelwidth = 952 & modelheight = 476 & backgroundcolor = 383F2F & orientation = 1 & producttype = beachtowel-32-64

The first artist to depict the intercourse of an octopus-man was none other than the famous Hokusai, who painted the Great Wave of Kanagawa. In 1814, he painted Fisherman’s wife’s dream, which shows the intimate activities of an octopus and a woman.

15. Extreme treatment methods

People born after the 19th century were fortunate to have the privileges of modern medicine to cure many ailments, such as erectile dysfunction. The only way to prevent dysfunction in the 17th century was to “cut” oxygen to its peak. It was considered a legitimate means of curing a person of his problems, although for obvious reasons it usually failed.

16. Foot tickers in the Russian Empire

The 18th-century Russian Empire consisted of a tsar and/or a queen whose power over her country gave them many privileges, including their strange fetishes. The Tsarina often used the services of official foot tickers. Their responsibilities included but were not limited to, beating and obscene music.

17. The Catholic Church introduces a posture in which to have sex

The aim of the Catholic Church was to ensure that the reception of offspring was as “clean” as possible. This meant that there could be no question of any deviation from the norm. To regulate this, they came up with a missionary posture as the most appropriate way to conceive a child , hence the name.

18. Daoism encourages a man not to “finish” a woman

Daoism is a teaching of Chinese philosophy that believes that everything has an energy called Qi. They believed that the proper flow of Qi is vital to a healthy and enlightened life. Therefore, it was believed that men’s body fluids are a vital life force and that draining too much would also drain Qi. To prevent this from happening, men were encouraged to avoid ejaculation and practice self-control after intimate activities .


19. Sex with animals was involved in the Celtic inauguration

Gerald of Wales, a 12th-century Welsh historian, wrote down the rituals practiced by the Celts, especially the inauguration methods of their rulers. How did it happen? In the beginning, a white mare was brought, with which the king gave in to the joys of love. The mare was then slaughtered and eaten to mark the king’s new reign.

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