My older sister, her boyfriend and a couple of girlfriends had gone to the fields with relatives. Everyone was at home – parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. During the day, all the young people sunbathed and the older generation was working on something right there. At the end of the house was an inflatable pool. You couldn’t see from the yard, but it wasn’t too far. My sister announced that she would go to the pool to cool off. After three minutes, her friend also announced that she could not stand the heat. We continue to lie still until we hear the pool water splash out at first. After a while, the sounds began to become more suspicious and rhythmic, which was accompanied by characteristic panting and moaning. We all see, but now what to do there anymore. The funniest followed. The sister, not even realizing that we had heard everything, came out of the pool and announced out loud, – Are you girls, that was SO good, I recommend to everyone!