An advertisement hangs at the gas station:
Fill full tank and participate in the lottery. The prize is free sex.
Two men arrive, fill up a full tank and go to ask about the lottery. The cashier explains that rules are very simple – he comes up with a number from 1 to 10 and whoever guesses it wins.
– Seven, – says one.
– Two, – says the other.
– Unfortunately, both are wrong – answers the cashier. – Try next time…
A week later, they come again. Fill the tank and goes to guess the number. Both guess, but again wrong.
– Oh, what a pity – says the cashier. – Well, maybe next time both of you will be lucky…
The men leave the gas station and one of them says:
– There is something suspicious. Maybe he’s just a fraud?
The other angrily replies:
– Nonsense! My wife won twice in a row last week.