One of the employees of the local pickle factory is having a difficult time at home with his wife. She never wants to have sex anymore and there is always an excuse. One day after another excuse from his wife, he looses his cool and yells “I can’t take this anymore, I’m just gonna go to work and stick it in the pickle slicer!” To which she quickly replies “ha. go right ahead!” so the next day he heads to work but comes home early. The wife inquires as to why he is home so early to which he replies “I got fired! I told you I was going to work to stick it in the pickle slicer and I did.” She is in shock and asks him to whip it out so she can see the damaged, but when he does there is nothing wrong” Geez nothing happened to you, what happened to the pickle slicer” she asks. …. “oh they fired her too!”