Terms of use

  1. sekss.lv is an erotic dating and mutual communication portal for adults.
  2. By registering on sekss.lv, the person confirms that he agrees with all the terms of the portal.
  3. In case of non-compliance with the rules, the user’s profile may be deleted and the person may be denied access to the portal sekss.lv
  4. sekss.lv patur tiesības jebkurā brīdī mainīt portāla noteikumus, noteikumi stājas spēkā līdz ar to publicēšanu portālā sekss.lv
  5. To become a registered user of sekss.lv, a person must be at least 21 years old. The administration of the portal is not responsible for those who have registered in violation of the rules.
  6. By registering on the portal sekss.lv, you agree to these terms, incl. any changes made to them. It is the duty of each user of the sekss.lv portal to read the rules regularly in order to be informed about the changes in a timely manner.
  7. Each sekss.lv user can only create one profile.
  8. It is strictly forbidden:
  • put strange photos in the album
  • publish or distribute another person’s name, surname or other personal information without the consent of the other person
  • Indicate phone numbers in your user profile and / or ads.
  • Write rude or offensive words in a forum, blog, or profile

The administration of the portal reserves the right to delete the profile of the violator without notice.

  1. The user of the portal sekss.lv has the right to delete his user profile at any time, thus losing the status of a registered user. Deleting a profile permanently loses all uploaded videos, photos, and VIP status.
  2. sekss.lv administration reserves the right at any time, in addition, without prior notice to delete / block a person’s profile, as well as deny access to the portal, moreover, the administration is not responsible for such actions.
  3. sekss.lv administration reserves the right to send informative and commercial materials to users at any time.
  4. Commercial activities are allowed only with the written consent of sekss.lv.
  5. The administration is not responsible for any misused profiles, copyright infringements and other illegal activities performed by users within the portal sekss.lv. Each user is personally responsible for any information he places or transmits in any way to other users of the portal. By agreeing to the terms, the user assumes full responsibility for all possible consequences of his actions, including legal ones. It is forbidden to post or send to other users on the sekss.lv portal: video, audio and photo and any other material copyrighted by a third party; images with watermarks of other portals; information calling for any kind of illegal activity; information that is vulgar or offensive in any way. information (files) that could in any way interfere with the operation (security) of computer and electronic communications; uncoordinated advertising, spam, chain letters; low-quality photos with close-ups of your genitals; all other types of information that could interfere with the operation of the portal sekss.lv.
  6. The portal sekss.lv does not take responsibility for cases when the operation of the portal is disrupted or it is not available due to technical improvements.
  7. The Portal shall not be liable for any damages of any kind incurred by users in the cases referred to in Clause 14.
  8. All sekss.lv portal services are offered without any additional guarantees.
  9. If in case of violations of the rules the user is denied access to the portal sekss.lv, then the money for unused services will not be returned.
  10. All disputes that have arisen between sekss.lv and its users must be resolved through negotiations. If it is not possible to find a common denominator, then they shall be resolved in accordance with the procedures provided for in the laws of the Republic of Latvia.