A hot day on the lakeshore

Want to know why I didn’t want to see you today? Want to know how my day was on the lakeshore? Are you sure you want to hear me go there alone yesterday and find a quiet place?

Knowing that no one would disturb me, I stripped naked and wanted to brown my pale body. Ezermala grass pleasantly tingles my skin, the sun heats up. Its rays can be felt through the closed eyelids. The grasshoppers are quietly warm and warm. Drops of sweat protruding from my skin. Tired, slowly sinking into sleep, quiet fantasies, unformed images with an erotic taste.

I suddenly miss her, something wakes me up. I listen for a moment, trying to figure out what it was? Then I realize that these are strange sounds coming from the adjacent meadow, behind a small birch grove. There, as if someone is fighting, suppressed moans and laughter are heard.

I seem to hear more than two voices. I get up on my feet, throw on a light short robe of my naked height, board the slips and go watch. I walk slowly and quietly, trying not to climb the broken branches. I feel a strange tremor in my stomach.


And there they are – a whole bunch of pale and not so pale, beautiful, and more than beautiful flesh. My first look is at a wonderfully beautiful girl with blonde long hair and big breasts: she is completely naked and, it seems, completely relaxed. Leaning on a man’s lap, she closed her eyes and enjoyed. One guy has opened her legs and licked her crotch, her hands receiving her bottom. The other two suck each of their breasts.

A little further I see a similar view, only that the girl is small in stature and has small breasts, and looks boyish. He is also served by 3 men.

Something is not right here – it comes to my mind. And then I already notice it – the girls’ hands are tied and their faces enjoy alternating with fear.

Hiding behind a tree, I continue to watch. I feel like I’m staying wet. Can I help those girls? Probably not anymore. I slide my hand over my leg, gently caress my crotch, and I look, look, look…

The guy who licked the blonde stretched out two fingers, pushed them into her lap, strong and capable. Her relaxation disappeared like never before, her eyes opened wide, and the oppressed moan I had heard half-heartedly awoke me. Vaid was squeezed by the hand of the man who held her in her womb. Her fingers moved quickly in her, each jolt made the blonde’s body bend in a circle and her breasts were even more defiant. It seems that two fingers were joined by the third. The guys who kissed her breasts are now firmly inflexible in shape.

They put the other girl on her knees. Her hands are tied behind her back. All three men stood around and massaged their aroused limbs. One grabs him by the nape of the neck, puts his cock in her mouth, and fucks her hard in the throat. I hear her gagging, her body shaking with every movement. The small, dark boy’s head moves in the rhythm of his holding hand.


A branch scrapes under my leg. It raises the heads of two men who have been holding blondes until now. They notice me… I wonder if I will be able to run away, get away, but my legs feel like leaded.

I stand still and look at the men approaching me. They say something, but I’m so scared or overwhelmed that I can’t hear anything. One of the guys grabs me and pulls me to the meadow. The other, meanwhile, has already put his hand under my bathrobe and is obviously happy to inform the other that the one is already panty and already wet.

They push me to the ground, next to the blonde, she still looks at me sympathetically, but I close my eyes because I don’t want to see anything. I can only feel impatient hands tearing off my clothes, demanding lips clinging to my breasts, and searching fingers wandering in my crotch. Without opening my eyes, I feel that 4 hands have joined 2 more – very gentle and gentle. Something gently slides on my lips, I automatically open them and a member is pushed into my mouth.

One guy is standing next to my face, his member is moving in my mouth, I feel it sliding deeper, swollen. What palms stretch my knees, I feel a curly head between my legs. The hot tongue lowers my lap, starts moving fast there. Lips on the breast. Teeth grasp the nipple, bite, slightly squeeze, move to the other nipple.


I hear the blonde sneeze next to me. One of the men is lying on her, her hips are moving strongly. I see the muscular bottom rising above her hips. Two others kept her slender legs wide open, almost twine.

The little girl with the boy’s head is still being fucked in the mouth, but the other guy is leaning on her back with her hand stroking her crotch. Then stretch his legs, tilt the body forward. His member touches the girl’s lap, the head stretches her labia, then pushes inside with vigor. The girl screams. A few drops of blood flow down her legs – she was probably a virgin.

The fact that they suck my breasts excites me so much. Extend your legs wider. I feel that not only my tongue is wrinkling through me, but also my fingers, which are trying to enter my very depths. One finger has already taken my ass hole. One member is still in my mouth. It’s so big I feel like I’m being suffocated.

I see in the corner of my eye that both girls are being brutally fucked. In the blonde’s crotch, things are inserted one after the other. Meanwhile, my plug is still held by the tangled tongue and long, searching fingers. I would like to tell him to come into me, but I can’t because my mouth is full. It seems that the man I sucked at immediately ends! Yes! Well, he was so humane and didn’t make me swallow it all. A copious sperm cold falls on my chest. I wonder if I shouldn’t tell the curly one to finally plug me in, because I’m ready like a plum, but something doesn’t allow me to pronounce it to the end.


A blonde is brought to me and the man I sucked makes her lick sperm from my breasts. Meanwhile, the other continues to fuck him from behind.

Her tongue slides over my chest, a jerky breath on my skin at every jolt from behind. The curly one has already put three fingers in me, it seems that the fourth will join them immediately. A little painful, but my lap expands, allowing his palm to slide deeper. No one has tied my hands, so I can let them go free, caress what I want.

The blonde screams in pain and enjoys it, it seems the man behind her shoved a dick in her buttocks, which was not ready yet. Her green eyes widen. I feel the curly index finger of my other hand break into my bottom.

The other girl is seated on a man lying on the ground – a thick member deep between her slender legs. The other puts her on the ground, smears something on her bottom with her hand, puts her middle finger in it. She twitches, screams but can’t get rid of her, despair in her face. Thoroughly anointed the hole in her bottom, the other kneels behind her, and his member begins to break into it. The girl screams…

Her screams excite me. Like a touch of blonde lips. I’m anxious to see if she has much left to lick – her lips are so soft. Meanwhile, my curly lick has already received and slides in me his huge thing. I get upset and sometimes scream, but I am immediately silenced.

I put a blonde’s nipple in my mouth, but she has another thing in her mouth. I don’t know if I want to lick a blonde, but pressing my hands holds my head and doesn’t let me choose. I pressed my mouth to her chest. And pleasure. I see myself right in front of her eyes as she sucks one. I feel a neat member in my gap. I’m like a powerless doll ..


The blonde moans, a large, veined member slipping in her mouth. The tip of her breast in my mouth. After a short while I feel that the man is starting to move faster in me, he sighs, throws his head. I feel a hot stream in my vagina.

For a moment I thought that maybe everything would end, but no! The dark-haired man grabs the blonde behind her hair and makes her release the sperm from my pussy. Meanwhile, one more man continues to fuck him from behind.

Another member is pushed into my mouth. I am open to pleasure. The blonde cannot regulate her movements, so her tongue moves in a rhythm controlled by the man who rides her from behind. And I have a feeling I would be taken in front of a double.

I feel that one of the men is lying on the ground next to me and putting on my submissive stature. His hands touch my butt and I feel a hard member looking for a way in it. Although it’s big, his head breaks into me quite easily because my crotch is wet with sperm. I feel the member drive deeper, deeper… The blonde licks my vagina moaning.

The little brunette fucks passionately in both holes, she is squeezed between two muscular bodies able to move so in their common rhythm, screams sound in unison with the rhythm.

The blonde opens her hands and tells me to love her with her fingers as well, but her touch is almost imperceptible because a lot more makes me feel the male member in my bottom. He is under me and squeezing my chest with his hands. I still have a member in my mouth and the blonde takes me with her manicured fingers. From time to time I also slip my tongue into me. And from time to time, the member who fucks my ass mixes the addresses and slips into her mouth.

The little brunette looks completely afflicted. Her small breasts are almost or red, just like probably everything is down there. How I would like to pardon and gently calm him down…

Blondes wrist stays more and more secure. First I feel one finger – then two, now three. Squeezing her fingers together, she tries to put my whole palm in me.

Gradually, step by step it succeeds. Well, it’s already in me, the feelings are strong but pleasant. Her palm caresses a member of my vagina that rhythmically breaks in my buttocks.


The brunette, meanwhile, is deposited in the sand. At her face, three men move their limbs, massaging them… And one by one they finish, covering her body with white sperm. Eyes, mouth, whole face, hair, neck are thickly cut off. She sleeps in the sand, breathing hard.

I really feel sorry for the young girl, but to help her is not in my power, because instead of a blonde hand again I feel a dick. Now I’m fucking both my butt and my vagina at the same time. The third member is in my mouth. It seems to me that I already have a little too many members. They don’t move in the same rhythm, so I feel like I’m being torn in half.

What I take in my mouth ends immediately. Another cold of sperm falls over my chest. What’s next?

Soon both men are approaching the finish line. They start moving in one rhythm, fucking me deeply. The bodies tighten, feeling a wave of pleasure approaching, they bend over and two hot jets flow into me as the sperm flows over my feet man


Well, all the guys are happy. I am brought to the little brunette, her hands are untied. We need to take care of each other – with tongues, we need to cleanse ourselves of semen… And I also like to do that because I am tired of the many male members.

I stroke the girl’s small breasts .. soothingly, they kiss, loose sperm from her breasts, and move down. Gently, as she is tortured thoroughly, I stretch her legs, flatten her vagina, and carefully but very gently skip it.

However, I did not hold on, and I entered the ass hole with my finger, but she makes no claims. I suck her clit. She is almost clean, only I still have it. Men no longer show any interest in us and it seems to me that this young lady will soon fall asleep.

I sit down on her face and, holding her hair, make me skip me too. At the same time, squeeze her nipples. She likes it. Her tongue licks me, her fingers playing with my clitoris. I feel a hot wave growing in the lower abdomen. I move, rubbing my lap against her mouth, more and more passionate. My orgasm is approaching…

Yes! Finally! I feel a heat wave raging against myself. What the 5 elders did not do, that is – what they kindled at me, now shooting out like an avalanche. I am happy. And I feel empty .. or overcrowded, I no longer know or understand.

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