Celebrities who overly shared details about their sex lives

Celebrities, like most people, do not discuss their sex lives with strangers. But sometimes they let some secrets shine in a Twitter post or interview. Here are some of the juicy celebrity bedroom events – from the first time to favorite poses.

Where did the abbreviation BDE come from?

In June 2018, the media was shocked by a screenshot of a Twitter post in which Ariana Grande told the world that her fiancé / SNL star Pete Davidson had a 10-inch ‘Big Dick Energy‘, and the internet marked it with a lot of ‘memes’.

Axis objects

In an interview with ‘Elle’, Army Hammers told about a particularly unpleasant bedroom experience with the former. She tried something a little, say, unconventional. While they both gave in to the joys of love, she tried to stab her. “She said, ‘True love leaves scars. You don’t have that, ‘he told the magazine in June 2013. ” And then she tried to stab me with a butcher’s knife. Of course, I will divorce him immediately .. after seven months. “

Toilet break

Breaks can be boring – unless you are Dru Berrymore. Referring to what her former friend The Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti said, who remembered spending the evening at the opera with Drew when the two went to the toilet, so you already understand. “If we had gone to the men’s toilet, people would have heard it and said, ‘Piglet, old man,'” he told the Chicago Tribune. “But we were in the ladies’ toilet, and when we heard that an old woman was moaning, we couldn’t stand it and started laughing.” It didn’t take long for the guards to appear.

The more the better?

In the April 2015 Vanity Fair story, Robin Wright described her relationship with her ex-fiancé, Ben Foster, in words best described by something between a heart and a tongue-in-cheek: “I’ve never been as happy in life as I feel today, She told the magazine. “Maybe it’s not fair to say, but I’ve never laughed so much, read so much, and finished so many times since I’ve been with Ben.”

Get old, too much information

In October 2016, Joe Jonas revealed to the Reddit portal that he had lost his virginity to Ashley. Which one could it be? “I lost my virginity to a girl named Ashley,” he wrote. “It simply came to our notice then. It’s pretty easy to guess. ” Joe’s famous ex-girlfriend Ashley Green was reportedly unhappy with his confession.

Perfect fitness

Obviously, sex really gives the body a good look. In an interview with British GQ, a free woman on the cover of March 2014, Miranda Kerra said: “One thing I have noticed is that when I have less sex, my body is less toned. The more sex I have, the better my arms and belly look. “

Golden shower

In a 2006 Blender interview, Ricky Martin shared that he likes to “give a golden shower”. The Daily Beast Martins added: “It’s so sexy because, as you know, your body and ‘golden shower’ temperatures are very different.”

Close and brutal contact

In a 2010 interview with Playboy, Cameron Diaza admitted that she likes “primitive, animal sex.” “Shoot me, blame me over the shoulder. You are a man, I am a woman. ” She also added: “I love physical contact. I always have to touch my loved ones. This is not negotiable. “

NO for pubic hair

Asked about the best sex tips she gives her girlfriends in a 2005 interview with Cosmopolitan, Eva Longoria said: “Try Brazilian waxing. It makes sex better, in terms of orgasm. It’s like the difference between this [she easily stroked her hand] and this [rubbing her hand]. ” But very seriously! She also added: “I swear. Every woman should try Brazilian waxing once. And after the first sex, you will want to repeat it over and over again! ”

First time

In March 2011, Lady Gaga told Grazia magazine that she had lost her virginity at the age of 17 – and that is not a very happy memory. “But I have to say that even then I wasn’t ready, and it was an absolutely terrible experience,” she told the magazine. “Sex wasn’t even good,” she added.

Naughty boots

In a 2015 Elle interview, Nick Lahe revealed “a kind of ‘kinky’ thing that [he and his ex-wife Jessica Simpson] really enjoyed – walking around in Jessica’s shoes.”

Dangerous woman

John Meyer writes love songs. When he speaks, things are, say, a little more intense. For example, in a March 2010 Playboy interview, John described his ex-girlfriend Jessica Simpson as “crack cocaine” and “sexual napalm.” He added that “it was sexually crazy.”

Forward, cowboy

In a July 2013 episode of The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet, Zoja Saldana revealed one of her favorite sex poses: “I have to say I was a little lazy for a long time, so I didn’t like being upstairs, but now I really like it,” said Zoja.

Charming, open nature

Sometimes even the hottest relationship is short-lived, like Naja Rivers with rapper Big Sean. In an interview with Cosmo Latina, Naja admitted that she and her then-groom had sex in public. In fact, “We have sex everywhere!”

That guy…

In March 2006, Wilmer Walder had a very open interview on The Howard Stern. Among many other things in the interview that he had to keep to himself, he simply described how it was to sleep with some of his famous ex-owners, including Jennifer Lovie Hewitt, Lindsay Lohan, and Ashley Simpson, and claimed to have picked the flower of Mandia Moore’s innocence…

Melis, Melis

Mandy Moore, for her part, refuted the allegations of her former friend Wilmer Valderrama that he had robbed her of her innocence. In an interview with Elle magazine, she described the statement as “complete butter and lies.” Earlier this year, Mommy went to a Howard show and described meeting Wilmer as a teenager: “I met him in a photoshoot for a teen magazine, literally when I was 15? 15! ” she told Howard. “I had never even tried a French kiss. He was like my first real friend. But he did not take away my innocence. “

Oh, baby

We no longer have Brangelina, but we will always have this interview given by Angelina Jolie at Entertainment Weekly while pregnant with Vivienne and Knox, her and Breda Pete’s twins. About sex during pregnancy, she told the magazine, “It’s great for sex. It only makes you more creative.” That’s why you’re having fun, and as a woman, you’re just so round and fulfilling. ” Praise be to love!

Each a blacksmith of his own happiness?

Among the many personal confessions in the October 2017 memoir, Unqualified, was that Anna Ferisa experienced a “crazy masturbation phase” in her life. But things have changed, and today she admits that she has “a lot of trouble when I’m intimate with myself” I feel that finding myself will force me to face things that scare me and face sexual desires that I even feel about. I have no idea I have any. “

Happily married

In an October 2012 interview with Nicholas Kidman, Harper’s Bazaar revealed that his husband, Keith Urban, is grateful for help in researching her sexuality. “He just gave me confidence,” she told the magazine. “Being very kind to me and understanding me, opening me up to try new things helped him develop my sexuality.”

Sports sex

Divorce is difficult – emotionally and physically. During a stage show hosted by Glamor magazine in October 2012, Olivia Wilde revealed to the audience how she felt after her first marriage ended in divorce: “I felt my vagina die,” she told Vulture. “Silence. Lights off… And you can lie to your relatives at Christmas dinner and tell you that everything that happens in home life is adorable. But you can’t lie to the vagina. ” The good news: she continued to describe her relationship with then-friend Jason Sudekis as “We have sex just like the Kenyan marathon runners.” Oh yes, and today they are happily married.

Year difference

Hilarious Hollywood fact: Sher and Tom Cruise fell in the early ’80s. Even more fun: he made it into the top five of her all-time lover list, which she recognized in the June 2013 episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. She described the romance as “quite hot and enjoyable.”

Music to his ears

When Nick Cannon and Mary Carry were married, Cannon admitted in a December 2012 interview at Howard Stern’s show that they had sex listening to Mary’s music. When he was alone, he also masturbated while listening to her songs.

Tired “stick”

In a February 2017 interview on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, supermodel Kate Upton candidly responded to the viewer’s call for her and her husband, professional baseball player Justin Verlander, to have sex. “There’s no sex before the game – not at all,” Kate said. Even after not, “if he plays too well”. Reason: he is exhausted!

First time

Everyone knows that the loss of innocence is not worthy of a sultry romance novel. Just ask Clo Kardashian: “There’s nothing fun about losing your virginity!”, US Weekly reports that she wrote on her website in April 2016. “It’s weird and you’re scared and it hurts and you don’t know what’s going to happen.” Kloi went on to find out that she was 15 years old when she first had sex. “I don’t really remember it hurt, but I remember I just wanted to deal with it faster,” she added. “You definitely don’t have an orgasm for the first time. I didn’t even have the first years! I didn’t even know how it felt until I felt it while driving… ”

Flirty and ready

Sex at the age of thirty is “amazing”, as reported, Katy Perry told the crowd, speaking in London during May 2017. Katie Perry was 32 at the time. You draw conclusions.

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