Sex and sleeping pills

This happened during my studies at the technical school. There were free hours and Inta and I sat at her house and had lunch. I don’t know how, but there were only two of us, the others were either elsewhere or hadn’t come at all. It was late spring, and I didn’t take my head to school.

I had a long idea to try a sleeping pill I had bought from a good friend with a foreign acquaintance. A friend whose name I will not mention promised that the medicine would guarantee a good night’s sleep for two hours and an almost instant awakening. The user does not even realize that he has fallen asleep. Now was a great opportunity.

While Inta was on the phone talking to her girlfriend, I poured one powder into her cup of coffee and started waiting. I have some concerns – I had found out that the medicine left an impression on me, but what if there was a side effect or worse?

However, we didn’t have to wait long – after ten minutes Inta fell asleep half-heartedly, reclining in the chair. I waited for a moment, then checked her reaction. My heart was beating, my breathing was steady. The girl did not respond to my touches.

I knew that no one would disturb us – Inta had told her friend that she would go back to school, her parents were both at work and would be there for a few more hours. I locked the door, locked the chain in front of me, and began to act.
First, I covered my parents’ large bed with a wax cloth and a clean sheet from my bag. Then I grabbed the girl and took her to the bedroom. I slowly lay down on the big bed.

Then I started undressing him. I folded her clothes carefully and put them on the chair in order to take them off so that she could dress herself again. It would be clear to even the biggest fool that something is wrong here if she wakes up in the presence of a naked stranger and doesn’t remember what happened, if only after a thorough drink.
I took off her variegated sweaters, unbuttoned them, and took off my summer shoes. The unauthorized zone then began.

The girl was wearing jeans. I unbuckled the leather belt, unbuttoned the large wooden button, and pulled back the zipper. My hand touched her lap unconsciously, and I felt her through the thin fabric of my panties over the gentle thick waves of Venus. I felt that my member, already standing upright, was swelling like a stone. I grabbed the pants behind the rays and took them off, exposing the round hips, pink panties, slender legs, and small feet in white short socks. Then I unbuttoned her white blouse, stroked the girl half-sitting, and took off. As in the summer, the girl only had a bra under it, which tightly encircled the round hemispheres of her breasts. It was white too.

To calm my nerves, I now turned my gaze away from the roundness of her upper body and turned to the lower part. I took off her socks. Damn, I never imagined taking off my socks could get me so excited!
I took a deep breath several times to calm down. My member was so swollen that it caused or pained, the scrotum also pulled up. I decided to undress, now to relax.
I was out of my clothes in record time, maybe less than a minute.
Then I remembered my second goal. I had a camera with me. Not some ordinary “Smena”, but also came from a friend of mine with foreign acquaintances. Load special photo paper inside and the picture is ready in an instant. Buried in Finland, I found it. There were still a dozen pages left inside. Gradually, but maybe enough.

I twisted the girl’s body to make it look more tempting and took a picture.
Then I put down the machine and continued the striptease.
I lifted the girl half-sitting, leaning against herself, and unhooked her bra. When she leaned back again, her breasts in her paintings were released. They were so tight that Inta did not wear bras during exercise classes. I leaned over and grabbed the tip of her breast with my lips, passing it to my tongue.
The girl shuddered. It was the first reaction since she had fallen asleep, and I must admit that I was almost frightened. But the trembling and the trembling were the only ones that had changed. Calm down, I started kissing her breasts again until my dick began to tremble with agitation. Inta’s breasts also seemed more mature now, and their ends were tight and protruding.
I slowly slid my hands down over her naked, gymnastic belly.
It wasn’t like I hadn’t seen a naked woman before. But this was the first time I could feel it, smell it, taste it with my whole body.

My hand slid under the edge of my panties.
I pulled it off and pulled it back. Too fast.
My fingers slid over the cotton cloth as I explored, touching its hidden bumps and depressions. Spring elasticity over the pubic hump, two swollen pubic lips, a barely tactile depression between them, collapsing backward until it slips between the bribes.

To relax, I grabbed the camera again and photographed him a few times – just in panties.
Then it was time to fall for Inta’s last garment. I knelt on her knees at her feet, grabbed the edges of her panties on her round hips, and began to pull down. It was the most unusual moment in my life so far – the moment when the triangle of pink cloth slid down. At first, a wave of black shame was uncovered, thickly crumpled. Probably Inta had heard it a few times. Then the panties slid down, and two folds of skin were exposed between the black buckles and the large ones. I took off my panties altogether and lifted her to my face. The bottom was a bit dull.

I grabbed the girl’s legs behind the ankles and pushed them up. The knees bent rose and then fell to their side. I reveal the most hidden place in a girl’s body – her penis. The large labia were well visible, swollen, and slightly cloudy. They were still close together.
No panty liners. Hopefully, she won’t have a period. It would be comical – to go so far and on a wrong day… If there is no vaginal tampon, then everything will be fine. Then there will be one last barrier…
Slowly I slid my hands along the inside of her hips to her pubic lips. Gently spread them open with your finger pads. Smaller folds of skin were exposed and an opening flattened between them. Pretty big, it’s just an opening in the hymen. My last worries disappeared.
There were no menstrual periods and the girl was not innocent. My suspicions about her relationship with her friend had been substantiated. Well, I also wanted to have fun, and now it was completely safe.

But before that, I grabbed the camera again. I used up almost all the remaining pictures, pinching her in different angles, in different positions, both close-ups and her lap up close. It will be a good source for my erotic dreams, and maybe a good source of income. Without a face, however, it was impossible to tell who owned this body. I saved the remaining few pictures for sex photos.
Then set the camera and the finished images aside and resume approaching.
There was a drop of liquid in the tip of my dick – a pre-leak to moisten it. Inta was also aroused, but not yet complete. I was afraid that having sex in a dry vagina could be painful for her and wake her up, or that the abrasions could lead to strange thoughts later on.

What could have been nicer and simpler than a little sweetheart?
I grabbed the pillow and Inta’s legs. I lifted them up and placed a pillow under her buttocks to lift my hips up. Then I let my legs bend and slip again, and I brought my face closer to her perineum. The pubic hair tickled her face. It was good that I had shaved in the morning instead of in the evening, now I could not scratch her sensitive skin. My fingers slipped on her big lips, getting to know them, then slipped between them, searching, touching…

The rapid contraction and panting confirmed that I had found the clitoris.
Carefully spread the big lips wider with the fingers of the other hand. Among them, at the beginning of the little lips, was this little cam, this ball of nerves, but what did he do with Inta! I approached his tongue and slowly crossed it, and Inta’s bending almost threw me off the bed. I repeat this lick over and over again. The girl’s perineum was clean and fresh. It smelled of a delicate scent and something else, such an elusive aroma. Her vaginal anteroom and pubic lips remained dirty. Liquid began to seep out of the vagina. Inta was ready. And that was good because I’ve been ready for a long time.
I lifted my arms over her and moved forward. Now I was above Inta. Our breasts and bellies touched, my shoulders rubbing along her stiff breasts, my dick was between her hips. I started to lick her breasts, causing another convulsion. Then I got up on top of her, leaning on one arm, and the other slipped between our laps. After tapping for a moment, I helped my member get to the right place. Then I slowly pushed it in, just the tip itself.
Oh my God!

It was so wonderful and indescribable compared to previous self-pleasures. It was not even possible to compare with a soapy hand. Her vagina was soft and warm and pulsating with Inta’s heartbeat. Her swollen labia pressed against my penis, pushing my chin back, and my member’s head came in full contact with her vagina. I slowly pushed it deeper and then stopped. It was like having an orgasm before, but I wanted to prolong it.
As I took my breath every inch, I slowly pushed my cock deeper until my vagina did not succumb. I had entered Inta about two-thirds of my member. It was probably her fault that she had a ‘gazelle’ vagina, but that she had only recently had sex and that the vagina had not yet stretched.

Then I stopped. My lips and tongue slid across Inta’s chest, stretching up from time to time – at the curvature of her neck and pink, arched lips. The girl gasped, her heart pounding. I leaned on one hand, but the other was placed between us, and my index finger, moistened in her and my love secretion, slid over her love bud. The girl bent under me and her abdominal muscles massaged my penis without even moving. It was unique.
And then Inta had an orgasm. The vagina tangled around the penis like a rim and trembled. Inta moaned, her legs and arms trembling. My member was massaged with her muscles, which turned out to be unusually strong. At times the muscles twitched along their entire length, at times the vagina relaxed and remained completely free, at times the circumference of the vagina twitched, and it seemed to me that my member was breaking through the narrow opening into the depths of paradise. It happened so fast that I didn’t even realize the moment I crossed the border of orgasm. And then our bodies were moving towards each other in the long-established rhythm of nature.
And then it all ended…

I fell asleep on Inta’s stomach, completely out of breath. We were still tied, and the feelings in my relaxing member, still in her vagina, which was soft from my seed and still a little trembling, were indescribable. I raised my head and looked at the clock. More than an hour… My lips wrapped around Inta’s nipple, her hand touching her still swollen clitoris…
Unexpectedly, her body began to tremble again. The second orgasm was even stronger and longer. It was long enough for my erection to recover, and I would enjoy this bliss for the second time.
This time the respite was longer.

I still had less than an hour left, and I was not in a hurry to leave that bliss. Now I put the girl on her stomach and started exploring her second opening. Of course, without the act – Inta was not ready for it, and there was not much time either. But I felt Inta’s bottom bribes, and even tried to put my dick between them. It caused me a bad erection again. And here I remembered the last pictures.

One was with me on Inta’s bottom. The member was not inserted into her second opening, but only tightly attached.
The second picture was with me on Inta’s abdomen, my trembling member pressed between her breasts. It was also stunning. The contrast of air coolness and Inta’s body heat…
In the third picture, my member was placed in Inta’s mouth. It was risky because the girl could easily choke, but it was also shocking. Her teeth against my dick, hot mouth against the sensitive head. The thought of what would happen if my teeth collapsed made me mad.
And then the last pictures. I’m on Inta. I insert a member into her vagina. In a close-up of our genitals, my hands dilated Inta’s labia to reveal all her hidden places. After this picture, the photo paper ran out.
But for the last time, I led her and myself to a flaming orgasm. This was much slower but even stronger than the first two. I even had to squeeze Inta’s mouth with kisses to stifle her screams.
I had half an hour now.

I started by taking the girl to the bath and quickly washing the traces of our love out of our bodies. Then I brought her back, wiped her, tore her, and threw the soiled sheet and wax cloth in her bag. I put on panties, a brooch, and a bra for the girl. She touched me again and began to gasp.
It was the turn of the white socks, then the blouse. I got to fight with the buttons because both she and I woke up again from my touch. I was almost ready to put her in bed and leave her half-dress, but I got it. I tortured her with jeans, but I left the button and zipper open. Then I put sweaters on her too. I took the girl to her room, put her to bed, and then put her right hand under the edge of her panties. To think masturbated…

I quickly picked up my clothes, photos in a bag, a tangled sheet, a wax cloth. I locked the apartment door, put on a slipper. Last time I glanced at the apartment. I put my dishes in the sink. Then I walked out and quietly squeezed the door.
It had been a week since my first experiment, with no consequences. Inta looked at me strangely, but after my explanation that she felt tired and after a short sitting I left, leaving her alone and insisted on nothing more.

Two days later, I accidentally heard her talk with two other girls in our course – Anda and Laila.
“And then… I don’t know, but I woke up after the most passionate night with Andy… Aivars was gone and I was finally wet and slippery… It was the strangest… But I was in a clean bed, dressed… The whole apartment was fine…
” did you feel? ”
Here they noticed me and whispered.

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