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The best apps to enhance intimacy

Whether you’re in a relationship or getting ready for a night out, these sex apps will keep your night HOT. Better sex is literally in the palm of your hand – and, no, we’re not talking about masturbation. Introducing: sex apps. These downloads, hidden in the darkest corner of the app store, will take you to…

Whether you’re in a relationship or getting ready for a night out, these sex apps will keep your night HOT. Better sex is literally in the palm of your hand – and, no, we’re not talking about masturbation.

Introducing: sex apps. These downloads, hidden in the darkest corner of the app store, will take you to OOOH faster than a good vibrator. (Okay, maybe not these best sex vibrators ).

From awakening to passion to virtual vibrators, these downloads will cheer you up. Here are some of the best sex apps that can enhance both your shared and solo sessions.


Porn in your ears. Audio erotica. Sophisticated audiobook app. Whatever you call it, Dipsea ( Android and iOS ) is a women’s technology company that creates stories (which they call ‘experiences ~’) that are real, exaggerated, and feminist. The aim? To change the way people treat the erotic world.

Here’s how it works: You download the app, choose a story from a variety of categories, including QuickiesQueer StoriesDate Night Pre-Game, and Rainy Day Stories, then turn up the volume and get ready to get excited. The first few listings are free, after which the service has a monthly or annual subscription, which costs around € 50 per year. Listening with a partner is an A + foreplay.


Juicebox is a pocket-sized sex and relationship trainer. Here you can choose from personalized support from a dedicated sex and relationship coach who can offer you solutions and advice on everything from differences in sexual anxiety and sexual desire to questions about sexual identity and dating help.

Worth mentioning: Juicebox runs a free, text-based service called Slutbot, where you can practice dirty conversations with a robot. You can text a slutbot whenever you are aroused or want an interactive sexual experience. Start a conversation by sending a “slutbot” message after answering questions like age, gender identity, and what gender of Slutbot you want, and you can start a dirty conversation.

We-Connect no We-Vibe

Do you want to add sex toys to your relationship? Sex toy company We-Vibe offers a variety of entertainment options, including Moxie, a clitoral pantyhose vibrator that attaches to your panties with a strong magnet, or Sync, which can be controlled using this app.

Download the free app We-Connect to control the intensity of the vibrator with a virtual remote control that allows you or your partner to control vibrations from literally anywhere (yes, worldwide). If you are in a relationship with a partner who lives far away from you, this will be an opportunity to click on ” connect lover “, which will create a link where you can send a text message or email to your loved one asking them to choose between different vibration modes.


Ferly will teach you something very useful – to get to know your body. Here you will find the words you want, get answers to your gender questions, think about what intimacy means to you, and eventually learn to be more * in your body *.

Download the app for free (currently iOS only; the Android version will be available in a few weeks), subscribe for € 12.00 per month, and then listen to guided practices on topics such as fantasy, intimacy, and positive sexual experience. Or try a five-week introductory program on topics like gaining mood or body neutrality.


Sex tips in the shower. Sex tips during the trip. Sex advise while you wait in line. Yes, this is what you expect when you stream some NSFW content to your favorite podcast app.

Some podcasts, such as Guys We F *** d , The ManWhore Podcast , How Cum , Food 4 Thot and My Dad Wrote A Porn , will make you laugh. Others, such as Where Should We Begin, I Do , Modern Love, will dive into issues related to romantic and sexual relationships. Un Savage Lovecast , Dear Sugar and Why Are People Into That ?! is a classic for exploring both ordinary and taboo sex and relationships.


Doctors have created an app specifically for women with low libido. Rosy ( App Store and Google Play ) is an educational platform that offers users research-based tips on how to regain their desire for sex.

First, you need to answer some personal questions about vaginal moisture levels, the frequency and intensity of orgasm, and libido. You will get a result that you will hopefully improve with Rosy’s resources. (These questions must be answered again each month). ” Low libido is like exercise, it might take a little work, but it’s worth it,” says Lindsay Harper, MD, Rosy’s founder and CEO.

What’s in the app itself? Video. Lots and lots of videos about monogamy, endometriosis, menopause, fibroids – literally anything related to your libido and body. There are also erotic stories.

Positions 3D

In Positions 3D you will find three-dimensional Sims-type figures that show you exactly how to get into a sex position. You can zoom in, out, get the top or bottom view, and change the perspective as if you were using Google Maps.

You can add one of the poses to your “favorites” or ” to-do list” and play a coin toss with your loved one to decide who will choose the next pose. Or turn this sex app into a game and let the dice decide the next pose.

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