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Erotic massage, its types and offers

When I first heard that a salon offered erotic massage, I thought – it is a successful cover for prostitution. In any case, I think that erotic massage in salons is nothing more than a very obscene and also dirty event in which a woman with bare breasts rides a human body tied with oils….

When I first heard that a salon offered erotic massage, I thought – it is a successful cover for prostitution. In any case, I think that erotic massage in salons is nothing more than a very obscene and also dirty event in which a woman with bare breasts rides a human body tied with oils. Oh, what a delusion. It seemed acceptable for my lover to perform this type of massage, allowing him to do it as well, but I could never imagine that this service can be so very pleasant and tasteful in salons. Of course, now there is laughter about it, but that was my first association with the word erotic massage. It was a big surprise to me when things turned out very differently. For the first time, I enjoyed it only because my friends were blessed with such an opportunity on my birthday.

Why choose erotic massage?

The effects of massage on the body are very different . It can be soothing, stimulating, arousing or just erotic. Its techniques are based on various massage schools and types: classical and Swedish massage customary in Western culture, Tai, Shiatsu, Jumeiho and Ayurvedic massage popular in the East. The erotic massage is performed by the masseur with his fingertips and his whole body. In this delicate situation, the boundaries of each personality are respected. If you have a claim against something that the masseuse does, inform about it and your wishes will be heard and fulfilled immediately. The effect of erotic massage is amazing: a person relaxes and regains the strength of the soul, regains the natural sensitivity and ability to live, work, enjoy life to the fullest. Erotic massage is a miracle of relaxation that a person can afford to dedicate to himself personally.


During the erotic massage, you and the masseuse are completely or partially naked. This fact, together with light twilight, airy music and oriental incense or simple candles, creates an atmosphere elevated above everyday life. Your body is maximally released. During the massage, natural massage oils are used, which also have the effect of additional aromatherapy. Due to the tricky atmosphere, everything happens delicately, taking into account each individual’s wishes. Such a massage simultaneously removes tension and develops a person’s sexuality. So what’s going on in Riga salons? Like regular and therapeutic massages, there are several types of erotic massage. In the salons you can get the usual erotic, exclusive, especially gentle, tantric, couples, tools, etc. massage.

What is a simple erotic massage?

Erotic massage is performed by a masseur with a special training course with the whole body, using natural oils. After the photo, you can choose exactly which masseuse will do the erotic massage. What is very important during the summer – both before and after the massage there is a shower.

Exclusive erotic massage

The exclusive massage is also performed by a certified specialist. Like the usual erotic massage, the exclusive has many positive effects, but in addition to them, the masseur also offers to massage the intimate areas of the body.


Gentle massage especially for women

Many women in our society suffer from a lack of human caresses and intimate touches, feel lonely and do not receive much-needed tenderness. Therefore, women are offered a delicate method of help. This method is called gentle hand therapy for women. Gentle hand therapy is a health-promoting, relaxing and joyful help for a woman who feels tired from everyday life. With special intimate touches to the body, health and harmony-oriented therapy is performed, which is also useful for unleashing and cultivating a woman’s sexuality.

Gentle hand therapy consists of several parts: it includes intimate massage, consultation on better satisfaction of sexual desires, self-knowledge, acquisition of different feelings, and acquisition of various intimate skills.

Exclusive tantric massage

Tantric massage is an exclusive erotic massage according to the ancient traditions of India, based on the teachings of Tantra Yoga. It uses special massage oils that have a beneficial effect on the whole body, restore the functioning of the nervous system, increase immunity and sexual release. With a light touch, a masseuse who has completed a special course of tantric massage acts on the sexually active points in the human body. During this massage, the body’s reserve energy is released. As a result of tantric massage, depression, prolonged tiredness, sexual freedom and inner comfort are reduced.

Erotic massage for a couple

Erotic massage for a couple has several positive effects: new feelings for both partners, which they can later repeat in their moments of closeness, massage for the couple is a nice erotic experience for both, relaxation and rest of both partners, relaxation after tension, and peace.

Erotic massage for a couple can be performed in two variants:

1) One of the partners watches the other being massaged. Then they change places and the one who watched the massage process is massaged;

2) Both partners are massaged at the same time – two female masseurs or a female masseuse in tandem with a male masseur (at your choice) work in parallel.

You can also order an erotic massage for a woman, going to the place specified by the client. Erotic massage for a woman, going to the place indicated by the client, is performed by a masseur who has completed a special training course. This massage can take place in the presence of a woman’s husband or partner. Erotic massage has several positive effects: a woman has new feelings, it is a nice erotic experience, there is relaxation and rest.

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