The worst sex tips from the early 20th century to the present day

These bad, strange, and sometimes even scientifically inaccurate sex tips reflect the norms of society and the most popular beliefs about sex at certain times in history. Some are even quite shocking. I must say that we can be happy that 2020 is!

1900: Do not sleep in the same bed with your partner

The couple kisses in 1900

The 1902 Marriage Handbook, ” What a Young Wife Ought to Know,” suggested a way to keep a spark in your sex life — never, never sleep in the same bed with your partner. “It is a habit in many English homes that everyone has their own personal room, which to our freedom-loving nature may seem like a rather cold habit; but isn’t it better at times when simple self-control seems more difficult? True, the door between these two rooms should rarely be closed, but the fact that there are two rooms frees you from many temptations and eliminates the familiarity that creates satisfaction even in married life, ”the book says. Furthermore, women are advised to have sex only if the goal is pregnancy.

1910 Photo of the couple

1910: Self-satisfaction is bad

In Walter Gallichan’s 1918 book, The Psychology of Marriage, one thing was certainly clear: touching it will only lead to illness, mental illness, and the destruction of society.

As a precaution, parents were advised to monitor their children’s sexual appetites, such as interfering and ruining their lives, to deter them from doing so.

“Parents should recognize that auto-eroticism is suitable for spontaneous expression in young children; that this is often an example of playmates and that such practices often begin between the ages of 14 and 15, at a time when the sexual system is beginning to mature and new desires are emerging. A young child can be protected with hygiene products and kind instructions about the important role of the genitals in the life plan. Health activities should provide a simple, nutritious, non-stimulating diet, rational clothing, washing these parts of the body, free exercise and encouragement to play outdoors, as well as cultivating exciting interests and habits, ”the book said.

1920s spicy photo session

1920s: Women may need surgery to stop masturbating

In 1922, William Joseph Robinson’s book ” Woman: Her Sex and Love Life ” focused on a more radical approach to masturbation: if parents catch a daughter by touching their clitoris, they should simply consider surgery. “All girls, big or small, who have a tendency to masturbate or simply touch their genitals, or who complain of itching, should have their clitoris checked and, if contact is found, it should be corrected with surgery. This can easily be done under local anesthesia. With frightening thoughts of a scalpel at her private body, it was time to stop the girls from complacency.

1930s couple dancing

1930: Do not reject a woman, otherwise she will be confused

In 1930, in a book called Advice for Women and Young Women – Before and After the Wedding, it was so helpfully explained that women could not be trusted because their male lust instincts were taking over. their control.

“Women were weaker than men. Women are easily affected, even if it harms them. They worry about being more beautiful and pleasant than they take care of their health and happiness. If she is rejected, she becomes truly savage. Her eyes glow with anger and almost squeeze out of their places. Not far from “complete madness.”

1940s shot from the film

1940: Don’t talk to a man in bed – especially don’t talk naughty

Having a book called What Men Don’t Like About Women is pretty much guaranteed to contain an endless amount of useless advice. This book, written by Thomas D. Horton in 1945, states that men hate it when women are unable to keep their damn mouth in bed, and it is especially annoying when they use vulgar language.

“Women often shock men with their speeches in bed. They use words and expressions that are rarely used even in salons. Their speeches are also repulsive in other respects. They say, “Oh dear, I’ve been with a lot of men, so I know, and I want to tell you, you’re the best, really, dear.” your mouth and mind when you go to bed next to a man, ”says the book.

1950 A woman bends over to kiss a man

1950: If a wife does not fulfill her husband’s desire for sex, then cheating is acceptable

Reverend Alfred Henry Thirer, in his book Satisfaction and Happy Marriage, written in 1951, compares a lazy cook to a wife unwilling to have sex. Such wives obviously deserve to be cheated.

This is a good wife who is always ready to satisfy her husband’s appetite for food and sex: “She remembered his choice of meat and took care to cut the exact slice of meat.” decoration… and, entering the house, she greets her with a smile and a kind touch of love. “

A bad wife is described as follows: “He is constantly made to eat indigestible meals, cold and tasteless, improperly cooked, placed on a kitchen table, covered with a dirty tablecloth. She doesn’t have to wonder if her husband will call often from the office and announce that he will have to stay longer tonight. “

Understand? A finely served dinner is offering himself whenever he wants, but a cold sandwich is a woman’s unwillingness to have sex and a man’s excuses to cheat on his wife at the time.

A woman reads a book about sex, a man listens to the radio

1960: Petting breaks your parents’ hearts

In 1961, counselor Anna Landers wrote a book, Since You Ask Me, in which she shared some great – and some abnormally outdated – tips for sex. On the topic of “petting” she wrote:

“Petting can:

  • Make you feel guilty and ashamed;
  • Damage to your reputation;
  • It can make you lose your guy because he may think you are cheap;
  • Lead to pregnancy;
  • Break the hearts of your parents. ”

Here’s a way to make young girls feel guilty. The mere idea that a woman is responsible for letting her sexual desire and emotions flow is an outdated prejudice.

The couple kisses in the meadow

1970: It is important for a woman to tear her own virgin film early

Attitudes towards sex changed significantly in the 1970s, when many couples began to feel safer to enjoy giving and receiving sex, both in serious relationships and beyond. However, there were some ideas that continued to spread, which now seem completely irrational. In 1970, the booklet Our Bodies (Ourselves ) was published, in which the film of a woman’s virginity was still a controversial topic.

“It is very easy for a woman to stretch her hymen by inserting a finger into her vagina and periodically applying a little pressure to the side of the entrance.”

“Some women go to gynecologists and have them stretch their virginity.”

To be fair, there is a valuable point in the booklet about the virgin film: men who considered it important to “pick their partner’s flower” had no idea how incoherent this idea really was – and women were urged not to fall into this trap, to take care of their virginity films. However, it is sad to think of women for whom a simple flap of the skin caused such stress.

A man pours champagne to a woman

1980: Reject someone by making yourself completely unattractive

In the ’80s, women just had to sit down and wait for a man to call them. But in case you thought men had gotten more mature in a relationship, read how a guy says his friend made sure all the aggressive ladies got the message that he didn’t want them to block his phone line:

“One friend deftly rejects supporters, accidentally mentioning so much allergy and eccentricity that a poor caller will eventually feel relieved if rejected.”

In other words, “It’s not your fault, it’s me and my disgusting inability to withstand pollen. You really won’t miss anything, little one. “

A woman kisses a man's neck

1990: Sex robots destroy traditional marriage

In 1997, an article entitled “The Effects of Robotic Sex” appeared in Futurist magazine, and this raised real concerns: what will happen when sexy sex bots replace women in bed? “Marriage can be destroyed by sex robots. Husband chooses sex with a sex robot, estranging from his wife; the jealous wife destroys her sex robot’s competitors and sues the manufacturer. “

The message was clear: sex robots are a bad idea (assuming the vibrators are not related to the robots?). Fortunately, so far, sexbots have probably destroyed only a few marriages.

Shot from the series Sex and the city

2000: Sharpen your feelings – literally

Susan Heyman’s The Everything Kama Sutra Book is full of sex gems, but one really stands out: “Sharpen your senses by sharpening your tongue like hell, sipping mint vodka or tea and giving it down for oral pleasure.”

“Alcohol has a sensational heating effect, and mint is an instant cooler,” writes Heiman.

While it is true that many men may be aroused by this, they need to know their audience. One man will probably get excited about it, but another will say, “What the hell did you just put on my dick and why?”

Shot from the movie

2010: If you need a lubricant, you’re lazy

In 2015, Maxim magazine asked MMA star, Ronda Rousey, about sex, and she said women never needed a lubricant.

“In general, a girl needs one minute. He has to prepare her. You will never need a lubricant in your life. If you need a lubricant, you’re lazy and don’t waste time. ”

Here are just a few times when you may need a lubricant (and no, you’re not so lazy): after giving birth, during breastfeeding, on certain days of the month, such as immediately after menstruation, and when you’re really tired, you still want sex, but you can’t give 10 minutes to the foreplay.

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