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Tantric sex – mindful love

Many will probably have heard that tantric sex allows you to feel complete harmony of soul and body and achieve a special state of bliss. However, not everyone knows what the art of love tantra actually teaches. Danute Vilionite, a tantra teacher from Lithuania, tells about it.

What is tantra and how is it related to sex?

Tantra is the path to spiritual development and self-knowledge. Although for many this concept is related to sex, tantra teaches more than just sex. In it, a person is considered a divine being, an indivisible whole, and sex is considered an integral part of it.

Sexual or vital energy is very strong. It is like the fuel of human life, the very foundation of a human. A person’s sexual energy, feelings, mind, body and soul are inseparable. The ones who have lost their sexual energy no longer feel joy in life.

For various reasons (historical events, religion), sex and sexual energy are rarely mentioned.

In our society, sexual energy is depressed, leading to excessive interest in sex. That’s why pornography and ads with naked women’s bodies are booming.

Many people blush when they hear the word “sex” as if it is something they should not do. But tantra teaches to look at it with respect as an integral part of human existence.

If society were more understanding and individuals understood that human sexual energy is sacred, divine, and beautiful, they would be freer and more creative.

In India, where tantra originated, god Shiva and goddess Shakti are worshiped. All Hindu temples have altars called Joni Lingam. It is a symbol of a man’s penis inserted into a woman’s vagina. The genitals, which are the beginning of masculine and feminine energy, and sexual intercourse, which is the beginning of every human being, are worshiped.

Sexual energy is also a source of communication, creativity, strength, expression and spiritual ability. Everything is affected by the same energy, only it manifests itself in different forms. As a result, spiritual development, love and sex are inseparable.


What is so special about tantric sex?

Sex is insignificant in our society. There are so many tips on how to buy nicer lingerie or sex toys. Sex often becomes a means of manipulation, say a woman knows that a man wants sex, and she uses it to achieve certain goals. Only the needs of a man are usually taken into account during sexual intercourse, and the main goal is to have an orgasm as soon as possible.

As we see in the movies: he saw her, tore off her clothes and got her… The science of Tantra teaches us to connect the emotional, mental and spiritual levels of sex. It offers many different methods, meditations and exercises to help the couple do it and achieve perfection.

When two people experience the fullness of life, their sexual relationship becomes a sharing, not a request or demand from each other.

Does tantric sex last much longer than usual sex?

In practice, sex remains sex. No one reinvents the bicycle. There are many myths about tantric sex, let’s say it should last for several hours. If we compare tantric sex with such popular “quickie”, then it will really be longer.

Tantra teaches the body to feel the present moment. Then it seems that time “disappears”, there is no hurry, people just enjoy sex more. Partners can open up and get to know each other better.

Hearing, sight, touch and smell are very important when engaging in tantric sex. These feelings are developed through tantric practices.

Are there special positions for tantric sex?

Tantric sex is not about making love in any special position. Its essence is not position, but an effort to make conscious love, to create a spiritual connection, to reveal feelings and to feel more.

When having tantric sex, partners feel much more pleasure, especially women, because more time is devoted to the art of love, and a woman can devote herself to it wholeheartedly.

In a way, tantric sex is like meditation.


Interesting facts

  • Tantra is an esoteric tradition, a set of beliefs and behaviors originating in India.
  • Tantric prayers are called mantras and spiritual teachers are called gurus.
  • It was created in contrast to the religion of the time, which argued that it was necessary to renounce sexuality in order to become spiritually perfect.
  • Tantric sex is a sex practice based on the teaching of tantra. It is also called the art of royal love, as it was first practiced in the palaces of the rulers of India and Tibet.
  • Tantra is one of the few spiritual practices in which bodily pleasures are inseparable from spiritual development. Sex is not called sinful, on the contrary, it is considered almost sacred.
  • When engaging in tantric sex, it is desirable not to waste a man’s sexual energy, but to try to stop it and return it to the body.
  • Male ejaculation is not considered to be the primary goal of sexual intercourse. Efforts are made to prolong sex for as long as possible.
  • Women are encouraged to experience an orgasm, preferably several.
  • Some tantric schools do not prohibit premarital sex and group sex.

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