Business Affair – Erotic Stories Series: Part 1

Although Julija’s best friend seemed excited about churches, Julia herself was a hotel . More specifically, hotels where you could stay overnight during business transactions.

Her relationship with her current husband (second in a row) had begun as a novel. They had worked in the same legal practice and spent many nights doing business together. It was only a matter of time and a few bottles of wine, because one night they put aside the guilt they might have had against their current spouses and seemed to be in bed together. After that, each night together was a buffet of passionate and erotic discoveries. They had made a mistake in allowing the relationship to become too serious, and so (after ten years of marriage and two children) they could describe their sex life as an irregular and unfulfilled quick sex.

After resuming her career, she returned to this environment, and also this seemingly illegal feeling of anxiety that arises when there is exciting sex with a stranger. It was a secret surrender to her desires while her husband was trapped at home, taking care of everyday life. It was a desire to drive another man crazy, satisfying him more than ever his own wife had done.

It was tempting

Her favorite hotel was Falcon Court. It was one where she had often stayed with her husband, and she caught herself thinking that being in the same hotel, in the same bed / garden / gym / elevator with another man was like an extra layer of icing on the cake.

She had spent a few nights a week here for almost three months. Initially, she had aroused previous feelings by purchasing a small vibrator, which she kept hidden in her bag. But over time, the feelings grew stronger, because, firstly, she realized that there was an opportunity to experience them again, and secondly, there were several rather handsome men who also seemed to stay in this hotel regularly. July decided life was too short not to do it. The particular moment when she made her decision was actually one Sunday morning, when she was lying on her back, depicting an orgasm, hoping that her husband would get aroused so that she could continue to wash her clothes while the sun was still shining outside.

At that moment, she finally released the seductive tempter. She took control. She decided what she wanted… and she will get it.

Gym boy night

That Monday, she ordered her secretary to make the usual three-night reservation at the Falcon Hotel and spent lunch in town buying new lingerie and a slightly more modest gym kit that her Tuesday husband would need.

He had watched several regular guests at the hotel. Three particularly attractive. And they stayed here on different nights, which means she could meet them all, hoping to get someone to catch her bait, maybe two, but hopefully all three. A varied diet is always healthier. Oh, and they all wore wedding rings.

Tonight was Tuesday. Gym boy night. He was younger than him, probably even ten years old. But she still looked good and kept in shape. She didn’t plan to play a long game, getting to know him for a few weeks or slowly pulling her to bed. She wanted this man tonight.

Julie decided to play the ice cold girl and use her only for fun. (On Wednesday’s man, who was about her age, she had decided to play an easily seductive brunette. While on Thursday’s bait, who also seemed to be her age, she chose to play herself man.)

Mr. Tuesday

The gym at the beginning of the week was as quiet as usual. Only she, Mr. Tuesday, and two other young guys who usually walked away at exactly six. She could feel all three men caressing their eyes around her body, which stood out so beautifully in the new tracksuit. It felt good to be coveted again.

At six o’clock, as per the blow, they were left alone in the gym. He lay on the bench and lifted the weight bar above him. Julia took a few steps around the gym and stood beside him.

He looked at him and smiled. She did not answer with the same.

He wanted to say something. She put a finger to her lips to stop him.

Now it was her turn to roll her eyes over his body and give her a view that opened up. I really liked it. She especially liked what she could see for the plant in her shorts. She held out her hand and stroked it. Slowly. Up and down the entire length. The feeling was good. Very good.

He tried to speak again. She would not allow it again. The purpose of tonight was to use him, not to make a conversation.

She took off her clothes. Slowly, still lying on the bench, he caught every curve of her beautiful body with his eyes. She took off the top. As Julia was not wearing a bra, her bare breasts stretched up, pulling the top over her head. She pushed down her shorts with a seductive motion and got out of them. She stood completely naked in front of him. ‘I got you,’ she thought to herself and smiled internally, her expression remaining rocky on the outside.

She moved one foot over him and placed it on the opposite side of the floor bench, slowly sitting on top of him. She rubbed herself along the length of his mature limb, which was still trapped in his shorts.

Then, getting up, Julia took it off his shorts. She liked what she held in her hands. Good length, solid as granite and beautiful shape. She grabbed it tighter and stroked it, completely confusing his mind. Her arm moved along the entire length of the member. She struggled with the urge to take it in her mouth. July decided to postpone the joy for another night. She irritated the tip with her finger, and then sat down on it very slowly. She could not refrain from sincere sighing as she felt every inch of Mr. Tuesday’s thing enter her.

She dripped with lust

Her bare breasts jumped in a hurry, riding on him. She let him caress them. He twisted the mature nipples between his fingers, further increasing her pleasure. When Julia felt that his penis began to twitch to the very depths, pushed his hands away and cut his fingers into the man’s chest, she began to fuck him even harder. She felt a jet of ability splatter inside her, her hips hitting sharply upwards. She cut her nails deeper into his chest, shouting that she was also finishing. It was the best orgasm she had experienced in at least the last three years. She was going to remember it for a long time.

Julija got up. Again, she resisted the urge to lick a dizzying cocktail from his member with her juice and his semen. She simply put on a gym suit and, without saying a word, left the gym, leaving the man naked and confused, still sleeping on the bench.

End of the evening

When she went to dinner an hour later, Julia and Mr. Tuesday were seated at the next tables. She chose to completely ignore the man as if nothing had happened between them. She hoped that as she passed, she had watched the beautiful, swaying movements of her buttocks. She had chosen these jeans on purpose. Like the top with a deep neckline, so he can enjoy this view from a distance. July put a fat point on this evening, openly flirting with the waiter. In her relationship with her husband, she had realized that a little jealousy would drive a man crazy.

Leaving the dining room, she slipped into a chair next to her first new lover. She looked into his blue eyes. The inside of her thighs was taken over by a numbness. He did not dare to speak; he already knew the rules. Julia continued not to smile.

“Do you like it when a woman suck’s your dick?”

He nodded.

“When was the last time your wife did it?”

“I don’t remember,” he replied cautiously.

“Then see you next week.”

With this implicit promise that remained hanging in the air, she went to her room, got satisfaction from her vibrator, and enjoyed the second orgasm of the day, fantasizing about what to do the next night with Mr. Wednesday.

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