Business Affair – Erotic Stories Series: Part 2

It was getting harder for Julia to concentrate. It was already 6 p.m. She had been in the meeting since 9:00 in the morning, and the client did not show the slightest interest in ending it. Usually, she wouldn’t mind. It was not uncommon. When a client is sued for an amount that ends in a lot of zeros, Julia, as an excellent lawyer, is happy to give him an unlimited amount of time. In the end, she was paid for every hour she spent here. But tonight she had planned to run her own personal business

She suffered from the irregular and rather gloomy sex she had with her husband after ten years of marriage, and when she returned to her usual job, she decided to treat herself with something special. Her best friend had done something similar, starting her professional career again; she was obsessed with jewelry. Julia had intended to do the same but quickly came to the conclusion that it would only compensate for her real needs. Instead, she decided to get a new lover. In fact, the three favorites.

She stayed three nights a week at the Falcon Hotel. By each of these nights, she had already watched three guys who were also regular guests. Fortunately, every other night of the week. All three were enraged in her fantasies as she reached for pleasure from her little vibrator in her hotel room. Her goal this week was to seduce all three. However, diversity is a spice of life.

Last night she had ticked the first box on her to-do list – Mr. Tuesday. She had played an ice-cold subjugator. Strong and quiet. Riding her in the hotel gym, and then surprising her at the restaurant, he was caught on her hook. Tonight she had very different plans for Mr. Wednesday. 


It was over at 7 p.m when Julia finally got to the hotel. She booked dinner and went to the shower, after which she honestly called her husband. As usual, they told each other about the course of their day, and neither of them was interested in what the other said. But tonight she was in a playful mood.

“I was just in the shower and I was standing here completely naked. I wish you were here too, ”she lied.

“Oh my god, I’d like to be there too,” the man replied, a little surprised.

Julia teased her, reminding her of what she had allowed him to do when he had last stood naked in the same room, but with him, about eight years ago. They were a little out of the frame at the time, and the people around were complaining about the noise. She had never been quiet when she had an orgasm.

“Oh,” was all he could say.

She sent him a kiss on the phone and hung up.


For this evening’s husband, Mr. Wednesday, she had decided to pretend to be a naive, playful brunette. She wanted all three affairs to be different. They were of similar age, he was quite tall and had a good body structure. She liked the idea of ​​playing with the little, submissive girl. Letting him think that everything is done according to his mind when in reality Julia will get what she wants. 

She had chosen a slightly tight-fitting dress for the task. Sturdy body, accented in the décolleté and shiny nipples through the clothes, which stood out even before they were hard from arousal. The short and flowing bottom of the dress revealed her white underwear slightly as she sat down without sorting it out. The heels, just a little too high, added a string to the image. She tied her hair in her tail, fastened it with a small red ribbon. The woman studied herself in the mirror, trying some innocent postures and facial expressions. Great!


Not so great was the view she saw as she went to dinner at the bar. Mr. Wednesday was not alone. Damn it! What now?

As the two men entered the restaurant, Mr. Wednesday looked back and saw him. Julia watched his eyes run over her figure. Then the gaze stopped for a moment at her chest and rose to eye level again. She smiled and quickly looked away.

Julija entered the dining room and sat down at the other end of the restaurant. It was not an ideal option, but it gave her a chance to think about a strategy. She was trying to come up with a trick to lure her away from a colleague, or maybe find out his room number? She could leave it until next week, but she was in a lot of fun tonight, and the batteries in the vibrator were exhausted. Halfway through the mushroom risotto and the second glass of Malbec, she touched – they will fit both! Rather, in the role she had chosen to take on her Wednesday image, she would allow both of them.

She has had a threesome only once in her life. It was with her husband pretty soon after they were married. But it was with another woman, a young lawyer, with whom they both worked. She was still working under her husband; perhaps even more than just working – Julia would not be surprised. Strangely, she found it quite exciting to see the pleasure in the other woman’s face as her husband’s member slipped inside her. 

The idea of ​​surrendering to two members at the same time was just her fantasy. Well, maybe not after tonight. She felt a tingling sensation in her legs.


After leaving the restaurant, she noticed that both men were standing outside on the terrace. She ordered herself a cocktail – one of them considered quite girly, with a paper umbrella and a cherry on a stick – and went out herself.

The guys were standing by the patio heater. The eyes of both men immediately turned to her. Their conversation was interrupted in a half-word, and as they turned back to look at each other, a smile smiled on their faces.

July didn’t waste time. She entered her image and went straight to where the two men stood.

“Don’t you mind sharing your heater?” she asked. The eloquence of her accent and the velvety texture of the voice created a subtle contrast to the slightly frivolous demeanor.

“With great pleasure,” Mr. Wednesday replied, and he fought bravely not to look at her décolleté.

“It’s just so cold here,” she continued. “Look at my nipples!” And they did. “It probably doesn’t help that I don’t put on a bra at the bottom,” she teased the men innocently. Then, with a shock and excitement, he added, “Oh, no! What am I talking about here? I am very sorry! Oh my God! My husband always tells me not to think before I speak. What else will you think of me? I usually wouldn’t…, I don’t mean… Oh god. ”

She looked at the curves of both men in their pants. It worked.

“Please don’t worry,” said Mr. Wednesday.

“Thank God my husband is not here. He would punish me. ”

“Would you be punished?” asked the same man.

“Yes. He made me per… Oh no! Again, I’m already talking too much. ” Julia barely breathed. “I must not tell anyone else. He says it’s our little secret. Only for our bedroom. Or, to be more precise, for the shower. He likes to take me in the shower because it hurts more, and he likes the little screams that break out. I’ll probably be quieter now. ” 

Both men laughed.


“Probably the cocktail is to blame,” she continued. She sipped a little more to the side of the step, pretending to lose her balance, and pouring a drink into Mr. Wednesday’s pants. She pretended to panic. “Oh my God! I am very sorry.”

She laid the glass on the floor, leaned over, and as a child trying to “prevent” the accident, enthusiastically began to clean the drink by hand. Her hand rubbed up and down the man’s already visible erection. She rubbed faster and harder before pretending to finally understand what she was doing.

“Oh god, now look what I’ve done.” She pointed to a hard curvature. Then, with her eyes so wide that she was afraid it wouldn’t be exaggerated, she added, “Is that real?”

Mr. Wednesday looked at his friend and, laughing, replied, “All my possessions.”

“Wow!” She put her hand on it again and wondered. It was long, but the girth was more important to her. She looked at her friend. “You also!” she said and held out her other hand. “I didn’t know they could be that big. I’ve only seen my husband, and it’s so small compared to both of you. ” That was not true. Her husband’s dick was his best trait and probably why she still allowed him to fuck herself from time to time.

“Well, that’s not right,” Mr. Wednesday had fallen into her trap and noticed an opportunity to take advantage of. “A woman has to experience some diversity.”


“Absolutely,” the friend added, grabbing the position of a colleague.

“It simply came to our notice then. My husband would be angry. ”

“He doesn’t have to know that.”

“No. I don’t think so, “she paused. “Maybe I could just look?” her hands were still on both limbs, squeezing them lightly.

“Okay,” was Mr. Wednesday’s turn to play the game. “It simply came to our notice then. We can be seen from the inside. How would it be there? ”

He pointed to a bench fifty meters away, under a few trees hidden in the shade.


Once there, Julia wasted no time. She knelt down, unbuckled Mr. Wednesday’s pants, and removed his large, hard cock. She pretended to be shocked. “Can I touch it?” she asked and, in agreement, began stroking it.

A friend appeared next to her, whose zealous suffix was already out. She took it in his other hand, stroking both members in one steady rhythm.

“They are so beautiful,” she encouraged.

Then, as if suddenly overwhelmed with excitement, she slapped Mister Wednesday’s member’s mouth. She took it all the way and sucked hard. He felt good in her mouth. She took turns changing both places, hardening them well, tasting their sweet spiciness.

Then, without further manipulation, Mr. Wednesday suddenly grabbed her shoulders, put her on her legs, and leaned over the bench backrest. She felt him lift his small, playful skirt and pull his panties to one side. He then, with one convincing jolt, slammed his cock into her crotch along its entire length. It was so good that she couldn’t stop herself from uttering the immense pleasure out loud.

“Oh god, yes!” she shouted.

The man moved deeply and hard. He grabbed Julia’s hair and tilted her head back. His friend stood on the other side of the bench. His gleaming tip stared at her face. He took her hair from a friend and, holding his cock in his other hand, rubbed it along her mouth. She obediently opened it, and he slowly pressed his granite solid treasure into his mouth. He held Julia’s head tightly and went deep, as she pleased. She did her best to suck it, although it was difficult given the depth of her ability to push.

The two men found the same rhythm, and Julia lost her mind in great pleasure – she was fucked from both ends at the same time. It was the first time she had experienced it, and she promised herself it wouldn’t be the last.


All three graduated virtually simultaneously. Mr. Wednesday grabbed her hips and fucked her crotch with the last force, moaning, filling her with fresh, warm sperm. Her body trembled in ecstasy, and she screamed, though her mouth was filled with a member, and then choked when the sweet cream flowed into it. She swallowed every last drop and licked her lips. Heavenly.

The two men walked away. Julija collapsed on the bench with a smile on her face. She looked at Mr. Wednesday: “Thank you,….”

“I think you should be punished,” he replied.

“I should.”

“But it’s late,” he added.

“I’ll be here next week,” she dared to say.

She saw the man’s eyes twinkle.

“Then get ready. I think I owe it to your husband to punish you properly. And I don’t think a small spanking is enough. ”


The two men went back to the bar. Julija stayed where she had been, enjoying the cool air of the evening, satisfied, recalling what she had just experienced.

Julia got him. The two are defeated.

Now her thoughts turned to tomorrow night and the third hug.

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