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Erotic gift for Christmas – how to choose?

Birthday, wedding anniversary or Christmas – the gift marathon never ends. Therefore, it is often quite difficult to choose a gift that your significant other would not have received yet. Forget about boring sweaters, socks or ties – use your imagination and surprise your loved one with a spicy surprise. To make the shopping process…

Birthday, wedding anniversary or Christmas – the gift marathon never ends. Therefore, it is often quite difficult to choose a gift that your significant other would not have received yet. Forget about boring sweaters, socks or ties – use your imagination and surprise your loved one with a spicy surprise. To make the shopping process a little easier, in this article we will give some suggestions – idea for an erotic gift to put under the Christmas tree.

Massage oil

One of the ways you can surprise your other half during the holidays is to create a mini “home spa”. At first it may seem like a difficult task, but in reality it’s not – everything you will need is a few candles to create a more cozy setting, a towel, a place to lie down and, of course, a good massage oil.

When organizing such a surprise, you can be sure that he or she will be satisfied – the preparation for the holiday is often quite tense and busy. The fragrant oil and your gentle hands will remove all the stress and allow your loved one to immerse in the moment of pleasure. Such a gift will also strengthen your relationship as a couple, bringing new, unprecedented feelings into it.

As for the massage oil itself, you can choose your favorite from the wide range, but if you want to create a special Christmas setting, choose the scent of caramel, citrus, cinnamon or musk. Think about the scent that your lover likes the most.


Erotic games

For couples who like to immerse themselves in adventures and engage in non-standard activities, erotic games are an ideal choice. It can be a board game, in the form of cards or dice. Sounds boring and childish? Believe me, this is not the case! You will not play an ordinary board game, but an erotic version. Regardless of the type of game you choose, you can be sure that you will please your partner. It is not only a very fun choice for the upcoming holidays, but also a great investment in your intimate life. Games are a great way to get rid of the routine!

(See also – “Naughty games for spicy evening“).



Lingerie is a very nice gift idea. Whether you want to please your woman by giving her a set of sexy lingerie or you, as a loving woman, want to surprise your man by appearing in the door, dressed in seductive lingerie – this gift is a safe move.

Christmas is one of those times when you really want to make an effort for the benefit of someone you love, so you won’t even regret choosing a themed sexy costume. Both a sexy teacher’s or nurse’s costume and a set of long socks or lingerie will help to create an erotic setting in one of the most romantic seasons. Choose what you think will be best for you and your other half. When you see a sparkle in the eyes of your partner, you can be sure that you have really done everything right.

(Here you will find tips on how to choose the most suitable underwear for a woman).


Erotic sweets

Can you imagine your loved one on holiday and without sweets? If not, you can choose erotic sweets as a gift. It will be a great solution for those who need a small accessory for a bigger gift, or for those who want to cheer up their partner and give a little hint about what to expect during the evening.

Choose candies in a variety of exciting shapes, or panties made of small candies. There are even different Advent calendars for this purpose, which will undoubtedly raise the expectation of each couple’s holiday to a completely different, extremely exciting and hot level.

(A wide range of erotic sweets is available at besexy.lv).

Erotic literature

If none of the above options attracted your attention, you can take a look at the erotic literature section. Books on various erotic topics can be a great gift not only for your partner, but also for both of you as a couple. Often, such books allow you to get to know each other better and even help solve some intimate problems.

One such book, of course, is Kamasutra, which for more than a thousand years has allowed couples to diversify their relationships and perhaps even bring more joy to both of you. Also, if you choose a gift for a woman, check out the erotic fiction section.


Perfume with pheromones

You will probably not be surprised that perfume is one of the most popular and favorite gifts for Christmas. Although this gift may seem too common, you can easily change it and choose a pheromone perfume for your lady!

Pheromones contain chemicals that easily cause cravings and agitation. However, remember that pheromones will not only affect you. If you go out in public after using such scents, remember that it will attract all members of the opposite sex. Use such perfume when spending time at home or during a romantic dinner, which is attended only by both of you. There are many types of pheromone scents, so you can choose the scent you like the best.

Body colors

Have you ever heard of colors that you can not only use on your body, but also enjoy their taste? In fact, by choosing this gift option, have no doubt that you will have a great romantic evening. Depending on your favorite flavors, you can choose the color of chocolate, caramel or any other flavor. By drawing or writing with it on your loved one’s body, you will create an exciting setting that will be filled with pleasant touches, sweet tastes and kisses. If this sounds interesting, be sure to immerse yourself in new discoveries together.

(Body paints are available in sex shops, for example, here.)

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