Erotic story: Foursome

I waited for my husband to return with our friends. I was cooking a delicious dinner, my head was full of thoughts. On the table were a couple of champagne bottles, a fruit basket and a box of candies. The candles were lit… it was dusk in the room. The darkness and the warmth of the candles announced that the night would be dizzying, crazy, erotic. Dinner was ready and sitting on the table in the kitchen, the smell was tempting and the excitement was impressive. My heart was trembling – my legs were shaking.

I stood in front of the mirror and looked at myself – hair down, a few strands falling on my beautiful nose, a black lace dress that barely covers my private area (I don’t like wearing panties when I’m in a dress), and high heels. I turn around enjoying my beauty and the music coming from the other room. It made my hips sway to the beat. Then I heard my husband unlocking the door. I run to meet my friends, including my husband… A sweet kiss from our girl friend, and a strong one from my husband… My friend’s hug was shy, the same as mine…

I think the men felt much more relaxed from the beginning than we did. After taking off our jackets, we went towards the room. My husband opened the champagne.

– I’m going to the kitchen, I’ll bring the dinner, – I called out.

– I will help you, – said our friend.

– Oh, thanks, two is better than one, – I said, waving my hand and swinging my firm bottom for him to comply. We went into the kitchen.

As soon as I entered, I felt strong arms hugging me, lips sliding from my ear to my neck. I pushed him away.

– You can not! What if he comes in? – I looked at him with frightened eyes.

– Okay, I’ll wait for the night – said Mark, giving me a charming smile.

Dinner took forever.

– Thank you, it was really delicious, as always! – said my husband standing up. Mark and Nataly, shaking their heads, confirmed the same with a smile. The champagne slid down our necks, my eyes followed Mark’s movements, eyes, lips. I felt the excitement, the desire… the desire to feel him inside me. After all, this is what tonight is for… foursome…

Nataly looked scared, but I knew I could warm her up so she wouldn’t forget this night and want to do it again. Champagne ran out. My husband pulled out a liqueur, which finally crushed the proteins and shyness of all of us. Having shown Nataly with my eyes for a long time that she will be mine, I knelt down. Placing the glass on the table, I crawled towards her. Mark and my husband watched what I was doing.

– What will happen now? She knows how to arouse… Don’t be angry, but I want your wife, – I heard Mark’s voice. My husband smiled and waved at him. Crawling to Nataly, I ran my hands through her short hair, moved my hand to her neck, chest, the neckline of her dress allowed me to put my hand in and feel her firm breasts. She sat frozen, saying nothing.

– Just enjoy! – I said quietly.

I stood up, Nataly too. I spread her legs, searching for the secret place with my hand. After a moment I already tickled her clit, putting my finger in the wet slit, I felt her vaginal muscles tighten. When I turned to the men, I noticed that they had already pulled their stallions out of their pants. Such a sight pleased me even more, and Nataly moaned and begged me not to do it. Sitting her back in the chair, I spread her legs even wider and licked her sweet spot with my lips. My tongue ran over her beauty to the beat of the music. I grabbed her nipples with my other hand, not forgetting them too. The more I continued, the more she moaned, until finally Mark lifted me off the carpet and propped me up on the chair where Nataly was sitting, still panting from the heat, and he attacked me like a beast. He took me deep and didn’t let go. My husband didn’t stay put either. He knelt down to shift me between Natalie’s legs. The sight was so sweet, full of temptation.

I moaned. Mark was holding my breast with one hand, the other was on my clitoris, stroking it… he moaned, and it seemed like hundreds of wolves were howling inside him.

– Yes Yes! Stronger! Oh yes! – I shouted.

I saw Nataly and my husband for a moment as they slipped into the bathroom. I understood that they will continue the game there. To show that I was not far behind them, I took Mark by the hand and led him to the balcony. The balcony is open for sex games and the eyes of the neighbors, but I had no idea who would see what and how much. Mark looked at me with wide eyes, I sat on the railing and smiled, making him enter me. I could see the fear in his eyes, but with a tight hug, he thrust his cock into me. Back and forth, back and forth, strong and persistent.

– I will finish soon! – he shouted.

– No, you can’t yet! – saying, I squeezed the tip of his penis and kissed his sweaty body. He started licking my lap like crazy, but when he regained his “consciousness” he wanted to continue what he had started. Grinning and pushing him aside, I got on all fours, wanting him to cum in my mouth so I could have complete satisfaction. As soon as I licked the tip of it, my husband appeared, pushed Mark aside and inserted his hard cock into my little mouth.

– Don’t be angry, Mark, but I want her madly!

Mark caught up behind me, pulled my ass up a bit, got my hair in his firm grip and again his thing was like a whirlwind in my crotch. When Nataly arrived, she sat on an armchair and watched our royal trio play, masturbating quietly. Mark finished first, splashing my crotch. Hot as lava, his sperm flowed down. My orgasm was approaching.

My husband was still moaning as he moved and pushed his hips into my face as deep as he could. I caressed his balls with my fingers until a loud “YAAAAAAA!” echoed through the entire apartment building in a male voice of satisfaction. I licked the sweet, hot caramel off the tip of my husband’s cock as I felt myself on the verge of euphoria too. I saw Nataly and Mark sitting hugging each other, smiling and whispering something.

– Sit on the railing! – Mark, stained with fatigue, ordered quietly.

He reached out, beckoning Nataly to come to me, and forced her face into my crotch. Her tongue pressed inside me. That’s what I wanted the most… Sharp claws roamed my back and thighs… Hissing like a cat, I clamped my legs where her husband’s hot cock had been until recently. I was almost done, she knew it… but still teasingly licking… As the orgasm shook me, I jumped off the balcony railing and laid on the cold balcony floor.

We looked at each other with happy smiles on our faces. Later we all went to bed to wake up in the morning and decided to repeat what we did last night and started the game again.

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