Erotic Story: My Wife And Her Lover

It was a very unpleasant day at work. Not only were the orders late, but it turned out that one of the warehouses had been robed, foreign suppliers had changed the contract, a security guard had quit, and someone had damaged the staff microwave.

The boss flew around on a broom and blamed everyone he met. Unfortunately, when it was my turn, I was making tea and accidentally spilled it. I listened for half an hour as I was about to be fired, went home at 5 pm and ended up in an hour and a half long traffic jam caused by the marathon that day. When I finally got to my apartment, I almost forgot that this time I had to ring the doorbell instead of unlocking them myself. With a deep sigh, I pressed the bell. For a minute no one paid attention until finally I heard footsteps.

– You’re late, – muttered a disheveled, unshaven guy with a cigarette in his teeth and a ragged robe on his naked body.

I shrugged apologetically. The young man turned towards the room, shaking cigarette ashes on the carpet. Sighing again, I wiped my feet and, closing the door behind me, went inside. The apartment reeked of cigarette smoke, delicious aroma from the kitchen couldn’t even overshadowe it. The boy, whom I called that because of his youth, and not because of his appearance, which was already quite battered by alcohol, tobacco and sleepless nights, was already sitting in the kitchen.

– I earned quite a money today, – he braged. – The publishing house sold out the second edition of my book.

– Congratulations, – I said distractedly, lifting the lid of the pot. – Pasta! Mmm. Today I…

– I don’t care how you did at work. Just because I’m fucking your wife doesn’t mean I want to listen to your problems.

For the first time all day, I felt a nice tingling sensation in my stomach. Silenced, I waved my hand towards the stove.

– I would like to eat.

– No, – he almost shouted. – The pasta is mine. Just like your wife’s pussy.

I swallowed my saliva. Clouds of excitement gathered under my chest.

– Mark? Honey, is the food ready? – My wife’s voice came from the room, and she appeared at the door – in a beautiful pink robe, with make-up and a hairstyle.

– Yes, – the guy pushed the plate towards her.

I watched how deftly my wife served him. As agile as ever in these 20 years.

– More sauce? A fork? Will you eat with a spoon? Maybe I should cut the vegetables so they aren’t so dry?

I stood there without even taking off my shoes, still stupidly holding the pot lid in my hand, while my beloved wife nursed this 25-year-old boy as if he was the meaning of her life. I felt an erection hit my pants.

– Enough, enough, sit down and eat with me.

– I can’t. I’m trying to lose weight.

– Honey, in the next hour you will lose as many calories as you will eat in this dinner.

My wonderful, beautiful, sweet wife was giggling like a fourteen-year-old girl. They both ate in silence for a while. I was still standing where I was. Finally, they put down their plates.

– Well, let’s go! – laughed Mark in a boyish voice.

– After you, dear, – she answered in the same playful way.

I followed them into the bedroom, kicking off my shoes and dropping my jacket on the floor. Untying my tie, I closed the door to the room. Love doves devoured each other’s naked bodies with their eyes. The robes laid on the floor. Not wanting to disrupt the intimacy that had begun, I moved quietly towards the armchair.

– Let me help you, – Mark said. I turned to see him pull the nightstand to the side. Now nothing blocked the view from the armchair to the bed. – So that you can see better, – he smiled.

I looked at him wondering who had the bigger cock. Mark returned to my wife and began to suck her lips. I loudly swallowed my saliva and struggled to sit down. One kiss was not enough for that big mouth – after grabbing my wife by her hair, he licked her open lips eagerly, as if marking his territory with his tongue. Letting go of my wife’s hair, Mark sat her on the bed and spread her legs.

– I want you to touch yourself.

It was so intimate! She never showed it to me, explaining that it was every woman’s little secret.

She licked two of her fingers and began rubbing her clit with a soft moan.

– Your pussy look delicious, honey, – remarked Mark.

So vulgar about my wife’s greatest treasure! I loved giving her oral and feeling her warm, wet curls touch my nose…

– I want you to fuck me, Mark, – my wife moaned, and two of her fingers dipped between the folds of her vagina.

– Like a slut? – suggested Mark, lazily running his hand over his dick.

– Like a slut, – she obediently repeated, panting heavily.

I felt like I could unbutton my pants, but Mark started masturbating.

– Tell me what you want me to do for you.

– I want your thing inside me, – she said. Her hair was tied in a neat ponytail, her cheeks were flushed, her breasts were heaving heavily.

Mark growled. The head of his cock appeared and disappeared in his palm.

Finally she couldn’t take it anymore and pushed Mark backwards onto the bed, grabbed his cock herself and sat on it, starting her wild ride. My pants were on fire so I just unbuttoned them and pulled out my thing. I grabbed the lubricant with shaking hands. My wife, riding on what was almost twice my size, screamed uncontrollably. Her buttocks rose and fell against Mark’s thighs. I would have given anything for a front view, but she had turned her back on me because, apparently, I deserved it. The thought turned me on so much that I felt like I was going to cum. But I couldn’t… Not yet.

Mark gave my wife a possessive slap on the ass and lifted her off. Pushing her onto the bed, he got on his knees and placed his penis between her breasts. Skillfully grabbing them, she massaged Mark’s thing. I watched their bodies move. It was something I will never have – something only her loved ones would have… Seconds before his seed erupted, Mark entered her sweet crotch again and cummed triumphantly. The wife immediately moved to the edge of the bed and crossed her legs. Now it was my turn to act. Barely restraining myself, I rushed to her and began to lustily lick the stranger’s cum from her pussy. That day, probably due to the stress experienced at work, I ejaculated like never before – it seemed that the gates of heaven had opened. I curled up on the edge of the bed. I felt a tonal burden fall from my shoulders. When I opened my eyes, Mark was gone, but she was looking at me as sweetly as ever.

– I love you, my bear.

– I love you more, sunshine, – I whispered and hugged her.

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