Pleasure Games – Part 1

They met on the Internet, a site that both had accidentally or accidentally entered. They were no longer in their tumultuous youth – life had pampered, hurt, and soothed them, but something was missing… He was lost and still didn’t really know what he was looking for…. She had experience and expectations about what she wanted. Therefore, the woman wrote first, the man replied. As they corresponded, gradually common desires gradually emerged, they got to know each other, understood directions, and set boundaries. The more they talked, the wider their field of fantasy . Their interests coincided, and they both rejoiced. They were on one wave.

It took months and the Woman was again the first – offering to meet and realize common desires. It was spring, the sun was already warming the earth’s surface, the trees were green and the birds were waving in love. In the afternoon, in a quiet corner of Pārdaugava in the apartment, a beautiful arrangement of irises, freesia and calli flowers smelled on a table in a vase, which of course Man, as a real gentleman, had taken care of the Woman of his dreams.

Although this was not a date, as they had decided to meet only for pleasure, it was their first long-awaited meeting. The open bottle of champagne was bubbling playfully, the broken bar of chocolate smelled, and although so far there had been only correspondence and some photos seen, the two so well known – Man and Woman – had a good chat and laughed.

Twilight began, the woman stood up, lowered the blinds in front of the windows, lit candles, turned on the radio, and, standing in front of the man, slid the dress with a light motion. Beneath it hid beautiful, well-groomed, feminine shapes, dressed in a black lace bra, suspenders and stockings. Panties? No, there were none. All afternoon, when he met, drove, talked, the man did not even realize how free and accessible the tempting valley was.

The woman slowly leaned down on her knees and unbuttoned her trousers. Pulling her pants lazily behind the rays, she threw them in the corner, followed by white boxers. Leaving only the white linen shirt behind, the Woman leaned closer and touched the tip of the Man with the tip of his tongue, playing lightly, twisting his tongue around his head. Fingers joined the tongue, grasping and stroking lightly, the member fell into his hand. The pleasing actions did their part – the member slowly swelled as he changed shape, once again surrounded his lips and looked into the Man’s eyes, it disappeared into Her mouth. The woman smiled indecently and slid it down with her tongue slightly around her head.

With a slight push, the man relaxed on the couch. Pulling closer to the edge of the man’s body, the woman lifted his legs to the couch. The tongue slowly slid to the unprotected sanctity of the Man. The touch was so tempting that the man allowed himself to happen notiek

For a while, the process had changed. The woman’s body was lazy, the kitten on the bridge was confident over the man. Yes, 69 was what they often talked about and now their two tongues were doing their thing. The man was accustomed to the beauty of women and knew how to bless the lips, where to find a pea, but a brand new discovery was to feel the tongue not only on the member, but between the hemispheres of his bottom. The woman had such an experience and she did it very convincingly.

When the two warmed up and enjoyed each other, a little tired, they sipped champagne and discussed the new feelings. The woman’s cell phone rang, she got up from the couch, leaving the man asleep, and went out into the hallway.


-SORRY YOU HAVE TO REPLY… muttering She returned to the room.
-HEAT, OPENING THE WINDOW, saying His kitten stepped into the adjoining room. Among the many bits of Deep House were the opening of the window, the metallic sound, and the lazy course of the woman returning back to the room.

-DURING? There was something cunning and suspicious in her voice that signaled a surprise.

Closing the door tightly behind her, She slid onto the couch, holding an eye bandage and a handbag. Soft velvet fabric covered the man’s eyes – darkness, complete darkness…

-NOW COME HERE, taking her by the hand, she made the Man stand on all fours on a thick fluffy floor mat…

The chain was cut off and the hands were tied in shackles covered with soft leather.

-MHM, THEN THIS THERE JADGED, He asked with a smile.
-POSSIBLE… in response, the Woman got rid of the bra, took a bowl of champagne from the table and settled behind the Man.
-BEAT! Taking a piece of ice from the bucket, She slowly, as her body trembled, slid them across the bottom hemispheres, from side to side. The cold ice cube touched the member’s head, wrapped around it, and slid slowly up to the ring. The woman laughed happily.

-IT SHAKED SO FUNNY… so she handled several cubes until the melted ice covered the whole bottom in light water beads, slowly running along the leg caviar and piloting from the member.

The woman settled closer and slapped her to the bottom. With the drops of water easily dripping from the tongue, the lips got to the middle, only now in a much more comfortable position and view, which the Woman really liked. With his palms, he spread the hemisphere and slipped his tongue into the ring. In a long dating correspondence, She shared her experience of how much a man would like it. That She knows it perfectly and wants to do it. When she fell asleep every night, the woman dreamed and waited for this feeling. His lust was kissed, licked, whirled, she enjoyed the twitch of excitement. The man also liked it, so he did not resist the mask or the handcuffs – he also enjoys hanging out, he wanted more and more…

The woman’s tongue did not grow. She had satisfied her first fantasy hunger and continued to realize her ‘Game of Pleasure’. The woman took a small bottle from her handbag. When it was opened, the erotic aroma of the body and flowers of the room mixed with the sweet bitter oriental scent. Drops of light fragrant oil dripped into the man’s ring. She did not rush, She enjoyed this great view, more, more, more, oil…

Stroking, the woman circled the ring slowly and lightly with her fingers, imitating the vortex of the opening, from the larger circles in the middle, and, when she got there, pressed lightly. Kiss and circle again. Each time, the woman forced her to turn harder and harder, allowing her finger to sink deeper. The other hand gently slid down to the limb and head, which was all lubricated and gave way easily. The circling and penis massage worked, the finger was already fully slipped along its entire length.

The woman’s eyes gleamed as she saw her finger glide freely in and out. The man did not answer because he was embarrassed. He was a little ashamed – of the Woman, of himself, of shame, of the fact that his member swelled from these feelings. The man liked it very much, but he was silent and enjoyed it. They both enjoyed because it was their two secret fantasies…

She was a woman who found the flattery of men’s bottoms more passionate and erotic than traditional love. It was her gift to herself! The woman needed such pleasure games so much, She longed for them so much. The finger became obscene and now the movements were not only deep, but began to circle along the axis of the ring, expanding and opening it. Something knocked in the next room. The man shuddered, his hands trying to break his shackles, seeing nothing but listening to the sound. The ring clasped his finger tightly.
-YOUR HEARERS? He replied excitedly.
-NO… answering She got up and went into the next room.
-OUTWIND, IT WILL BE RAIN, coming back The woman also closed the glazed door of the next room and turned up the radio.
-YOU SEE, ALL BEAUTY LOSSED Saying this, the Woman generously poured a new dose of oil and resumed everything from the beginning, slowly stroking, kissing the hemisphere, the Man calmed down, freed, the ring opened more and more, turning into a ring of love. From this point of view, the Woman wanted it… and her finger was replaced by a tongue that slid freely into the temptingly throbbing cave, as far as the mouth could.

-MMMM, The man enjoys exhaling, his clasped hands clinging to the thicket of the rug, and the only movement he was able to do with his back was put his bottom in front of Her mouth.

Now he understood what the Woman said he would like it and he would not be able to control it…

With a tighter grip, the woman grabbed the member, who grew stronger. With the sensitive warts of the tongue, She felt a pulsation, with the energy of the limb in her hand,… The woman awoke to an uncontrollable passion that filled Her mature crotch. Unable to abstain, She touched her clitoris and, pressing, rubbing it, repeated the rhythmic movements of her tongue.
The man was no longer silent, but the elsa with jerky phrases… He was in a trance, They were both in a trance of pleasure, until a fiery dart ran over the Man’s back. Trembling and twitching, He exploded in the open lower part of the body…

Through the tongue, the flame of passion ignited the woman’s womb uncontrollably, and before He could shout in pleasure, the member generously splashed the hot liquid of love straight into Her hand…

They were connected.
The woman weakly weakened, forcing the man’s body to the floor.

Behind the window was the long-awaited first spring rain… The
view of the naked, stately body from the adjoining room through the glazed door was marked by candlelight…

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