Stepfather and his brother – an erotic story

When I was a teenager, I used to live in the countryside with my stepfather’s brother in the summer. I was already interested in the TO case. Every now and then I had secretly listened to my parents make love (my stepfather was a very charming and attractive man). My mother always moaned so sensually that I naturally had the impression that sex was a very nice and enjoyable thing. But until I was 18, I was a neat and naughty girl.

Later, before falling asleep, I sometimes had obscene fantasies about what it would be like if my stepfather mixed the rooms at night and came to me instead of my mother. I imagine what a stepfather might be and how it would enter me. I had even watched some movies on the internet about ‘defloration porn’. It was all exciting. But during the day I was very ashamed of my thoughts at night.

I already knew that stepfather and mother protect themselves by combining the calendar method with interrupted intercourse. That is, when the mother approached ovulation, the stepfather did not finish inside. On the other days of the month, he usually left the sperm in his mother’s pussy. I sometimes think of it the day many years ago when he ended up in my mother’s womb on one of her fertile days and my sister was born (my mother had admitted to me that she was not a ‘planned child’ like me and my older sister).

Sometimes, while my parents had breakfast in the morning, I used to slip into their room unobtrusively and quickly take a look at the sheets – sometimes there were wet sperm stains on them – it made me very excited.


But let’s go back to that summer’s uncle’s country house – the summer when I was already a big girl who graduated from high school. It was early in the morning and my uncle’s wife had gone to milk the cows by sunrise. I hadn’t really woken up yet – I was kind of half-cash. Asleep, I heard the door to my room open. I opened my eyes and saw a copy of my stepfather standing on the bed, just a little younger. My uncle was only dressed in shorts and his feathered, muscular lumberjack was right in front of my eyes.

“You are already a big girl. We could play nicely while Ilze milks the cows ”. After saying these words, he slid neatly next to me under the blanket. Before I could say or do anything, his hand was already under my nightgown – on his chest. Slightly wrapped around his nipples, he slid his hand down. Probably at that moment I unknowingly spread my legs…

The next moment, his fingers were already between my labia. “You’re not dirty, you’ll need a little oil,” he said, stretching for something he had probably unobtrusively placed next to the bed. “Turn on your stomach and stay under the pillow,” he said in a rather impatient voice. I obeyed, though I realized I shouldn’t… I felt his hand between my legs again – my palm was oily and slippery.

I smelled a sharp, bitter smell – only later did I realize that it was the aroma of a horny male member. Then his heavy body fell on top of me and pushed me into the mattress. One more moment – and I felt a sharp, rupturing pain in my abdomen and I moaned loudly. “Shut up!” he angrily yelled at me. And he added more gently: “It won’t hurt right away.”

I felt something big and hard squeeze inside me. In order not to shout again, I bite my teeth in the lower lip. But then the wave of pain flowed as suddenly as it came. Instead, a warm, relaxing intoxication came. I felt his strong, submissive movements like the waves of the sunny sea that washed me from the inside.

Then he bit my neck quite painfully and asked, “Do you want to be beaten like a bitch? You want to, don’t you? Does your kid want my juice? ” I muttered quietly, yes, “Get up on all fours,” he said, pulling my body up with his big hands. Then he grabbed me by the hips and pulled me hard. I felt his body deep inside. There were again jerks and jolts. One, the other, the third.

“Like it?”

“Yes,” I whispered faintly.

“Oh, I know you like it, you are a sloppy, obscene jade that needs a big pipette. You need a big, hard cock. Deep, deep in the leg! ” so he hissed and those words really pulled me up.

“I’ll give you a full one right now and the sperm will flow from you when you come for breakfast. I have a lot of sperm for your pie. ”

Each word was uttered with a strong push. I have a headache. Her heart was pounding, her arms and legs trembling. I felt his body grow bigger and harder in me, but his breath grew wheezing. And then it happened – he took a very strong push and his juice splashed into me. We both froze for a moment. He let out the last loud whimper. This was followed by quieter words: “Little bitch, you are so sweet…”

He slipped out of me and wished me next to the bed, leaving me pulled up and unreleased, but with a pussy full of sperm. I felt his drops of juice flow down my lips. The barn door slammed into the yard. Uncle’s wife had finished milking the cattle. Just come to Ilzit, to the house, I thought indifferently. While you were milking the cows, I was milking your husband’s benefits… now my milkman is full, but your pussy is sitting on a diet today…

Uncle got up from the bed, slipped back into his shorts, and said, “Turn around and get on your knees so that everything doesn’t go so fast. I want your pussy to be spermy and sweet when you come for breakfast… ”

Since then, it has been repeated almost every day. Ilze went to the early morning milkings, her uncle came to my room and left me ‘his goodies’. After that we had breakfast and I often felt his semen on my thighs. When Ilze left the kitchen for a while during breakfast, Uncle usually slipped his hand quickly under my dress and smiled contently, touching the sticky dexterity.

Ten days later I started menstruating. When my uncle was here again in the morning, I told him about it. He replied that then I would have to take it in my mouth because the sheets should not be stained with blood (during our first sex, the blood remained on the pillowcase, which he later threw away).

He lay down in bed and pushed me to the foot of the bed – so that my head was at his dick. He grabbed my chest with his palms and began to growl loudly. I grabbed his large, ripe piece of meat with my lips and began to suck it awkwardly. Either from the touch of my uncle’s chest on my chest or from the strange feeling caused by the dick in my mouth, I got very excited and felt my nipples collapse and my chin start to tingle. Uncle enjoyed hissing and muttered from time to time: “Suck, suckling bitch, suck, you like my cock, you need cock every day, you want my sperm when the buns run out, I’ll pee you like a bitch again, I’ll spank you again you will choose you as sour, but now it sucks, sucks and you will be able to taste my seed… ”I tried,

At the end of the month, he turned to my pussy again. I received and mentioned to him that I was afraid to get pregnant. He stated that it did not threaten because, at his age, the seed did not mature as fast as in his youth. If a man has sex twice a day (in the evenings he fell in love with Ilze, but in the morning with me), then nothing bad can happen. But if I happen to have another man, then I shouldn’t let him end up in me. I said that no one else is there. He looked at me so strangely and said he couldn’t know it at all. Anything can happen. But I have to remember that my body belongs exclusively to him. And no one else can put their seed there.

I once asked why he was cheating on Ilze and said that it was not good. He looked at me sympathetically and said, “Naive girl, the world is not what you think. Ilze was the first to put horns on me shortly after the wedding. And you know what – with your stepfather, with my brother. ”

I completely turned my head from what I learned… My stepfather and Ilze… Yes, but probably I wasn’t the only one who dreamed of this man.

A few weeks later, Ilze went to the city with relatives for three days. On the first day, my uncle chose me three times – in my bed, Ilze’s bed, and in the meadow by the pond. But on the second day, he said that I would have to make a good meal because friends would come to visit him. There will also be beer and going to the sauna. I spent a good time in the kitchen and then his coma was already there.

One was a small, muscular guy named Tolik, and the other – so round and smiling – appeared like Archie. The whole trio sat at the table, drank beer, but I was told to serve them – to bring food, to remove dirty dishes, as well as to look after the sauna stove to warm up to the right temperature.

At one point, Tolik neatly put his hand under the dress and said – will you show the beans, turn yellow? Everyone laughed, Uncle whispered something in Toikik’s ear and said loudly that I would have to come to the sauna with them, but not now – later in the evening.

In the evening, when I had already put on a nightgown and lay under the blanket, my uncle came in – hot and reddened from the sauna and drinking beer. What about sleeping? Fixes turn ass! He commanded and dropped the towel wrapped around his hips. Beneath it was his big cock – already ready to start. The heat and alcohol had probably made his blood circulate faster because this time he finished literally in a few seconds. The semen was hot, almost burning, not as cold as usual. He pulled his flesh out of me, he pulled me out of bed and ordered – now fixed to the sauna. Take off your nightgown – you don’t need it in the sauna.

Confused and blushed with shame, I went with him naked. When he pushed me into the sauna, Archie and Tolika were excited. Well, I stood naked in front of three sitting naked men, and in embarrassment, I knew nothing to say or do. “Beautiful tits!” said Archy. “It’s all beautiful,” Tolik growled. “Show me a buck!” Archy spoke again. At first, I didn’t understand what else I could show if I was already naked in front of them. Uncle explained: “Turn, bend down, tear your legs.” I did as he ordered and the very next moment I felt Archia and Tolik’s hands in their crotch.

“Uh, you get the semen out of the chaos!” exclaimed Archie.

“Old men, remember, only I can end her inside,” Uncle said. “But first let the young lady relax and drink with us.”

I was seated on a free bench and served a large mug of beer. I drank and thought about what would happen. In front of me sat three naked males who smelled of lust. It was clear what they wanted. I saw their large, heavy thorns and penises, which gradually became larger and larger and began to slide towards me.

After quick sex with my uncle, I was aroused again, but not relaxed, and I wanted a sequel. I drank almost all a mug of beer in one jerk. The old men smiled so much and chirped around their taps.

“Archy, you are the first. Older people prefer “, said Toliks after a while.

“Okay, let’s go,” Archie said and pulled me out of the sauna lobby, where there was a wide couch.

“Come on,” he said, “Let’s not drag along, I haven’t had a baby in a long time, you can already see how it’s off.”

His cock was really upright or vertical, but it wasn’t big in size. One owner, such a dog, I shamelessly think of Archie’s small stature. I already wanted to lie on the couch, but Archy shook his head: “Come here, get on the couch, grab me by the neck.” And he quickly grabbed me in his muscular arms and lifted me up.

“Spread your legs!” I obeyed and the next moment he pushed me on his dick. Although small, it went deep into me. Grabbing me by the hips, he jerked my pie on his pipette with strong jerks. “Just don’t stop inside,” I whispered. Instead of an answer, even stronger jerks followed. The beer I drank intensified my arousal, and Archie’s strong grip made the ends of her nipples curl and her skin irritate. A few more powerful jerks and then suddenly Archy pushed me away and let go. I found myself thrown on the couch, but after half a second, a huge jet of semen erupted from Archia and scratched my face and chest. I saw that his heavy, seed-filled poke, which had looked like a hardened cow’s udder in the sauna for a moment, had now shrunk in a small, firm curl.

“Uuuuh… fuck, so cool,” Archy landed and slid on the couch next to me. He let one hand into my crotch, but with the other, he smeared the semen that had hit my chest, lubricating the ends of my chest, shoulders, and neck. After a moment, I felt his fingers, moistened in my juice, slip between my cheeks. “No, no, no!” I muttered and sideways. “Why not?” he asked genuinely amazed. “Do not like? There is a sensitive place, believe me, it will be cool. The main thing is to relax. Pag, I’ll give you another beer… ”

But while he was going for a beer, Tolik came out of the bath, heavy and red. I immediately notice that his pipette is also large and thick, with a bright pink head. Tolilk sat down next to me, gently stroked his cheek, and said, “Sleep now, I will pamper you.”

I reclined and closed my eyes, already feeling his thick dagger in me. But instead, I felt soft, firm lips on my nipples. They played with my nipples for a long time, while his hands caressed my hips and thighs. It was such a nice feeling that I moaned with pleasure.

“And now let’s pamper your body,” he whispered softly in my ear. One more moment – and he was already kissing and licking my pussy, with his tongue slipping into me from time to time so that after a moment he slipped again and touched his clitoris. Everything turned in my head. It was indescribable…

“How well you do it!” I whispered.

“Are you ready for the pipette? Hard, thick pipette? ” he asked after a moment.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” I answered him passionately.

He leaned on top of me, slipped into me, and started kissing me. The movements were gentle but confident. The moment his dowel tip hit my cervix, but the base of the pipette pressed against my clitoris, I flew into space… when I found out, he was still in me.

“Like it?” he asked with a smile.

“I really liked it – I want more!” I whispered softly.

“No, now it’s my turn. I’ll shave you a little harder and then I’ll end you on a punch. Deal? And a little later we’ll make 69. OK? ”

All I had to do was agree. Tolik put my legs on his shoulders and came to the end with some ten-strong jolts. He also obeyed my uncle and did not finish inside. But I wanted him to stay with me.

Then we sat in the sauna again. My uncle sat me down with my legs outstretched so that all three friends could revel in my juicy pussy and made me play with my clitoris. “See how her tits stick together!” “See how your lips swell and open!” “See how that bitch sucks!” the intoxicated old men shouted through each other while watching my ‘performance’.

Tolika promised 69 did not come. Instead, my uncle made me suck all three in a row and then sent me to sleep. Of course, I felt humiliated and used, but still satisfied and happy. I had learned how different men are and how nice feelings can be given even by such sloppy, humiliating sex, which makes you feel like a slave, but like a damn sexy slave.

For the rest of the summer, everything continued as it began. Almost every morning my uncle came into my room ‘for one fix’. I lay under him and dreamed of Tolika’s gentle touches and the 69 he owed me.

At the very end of August, my uncle had to go somewhere with his wife for a couple of days. The house was left in my care. I dug up all my uncle’s papers and computer, hoping to find Tolika’s phone or e-mail. Than. FB also couldn’t find him. What to do – life is not a rose garden, all dreams do not come true…

I felt thrown – ovulation came on top like a tank, but I was sitting at home alone. I wanted someone to piss me off like a bitch – anyway, Uncle, Tolik, Archie, or anyone else…

As I trembled and rubbed around the room, I heard a car entering the yard. It turns out that the mother and father came to see how the daughter was doing with her uncle. Mom at the wheel, because her stepfather drove it more and more in a pub on the way. In fact, they have already driven somewhere else, but then remembered that Uncle’s house on the way. Now I am surprised that my uncle is not and I am alone in the house. Paeva had a good cognac and he continued to drink a glass while I was making dinner. In the meantime, he called his uncle and talked that they could stay overnight because tomorrow Uncle and Ilze would be back.

I also drank a glass of cognac and my thoughts became more and more obscene. I knew that my stepfather usually wanted to make love when he pulled. So it was – as the parents left and the bedroom, it began to make a clear sound. I listened to my mother’s orgasms and got excited not jokingly. After the third ‘O’, the mother began to pray that she wanted to sleep and whispered that her stepfather could finish tomorrow.

I stood outside the door and listened, and my patience was rewarded. After a while, the stepfather came out of the room and went to see him, muttering something to himself. When he came back, I jumped out of the corner and quickly pulled him into my room. Before he found out what was happening, I had already grabbed his member in the palm of my hand and growled vigorously. Within seconds, it spilled like a lighthouse, but the stepfather just muttered, “Crazy jade, what are you doing?”

I whispered in his ear, “Knock me out as a mom, blow me out as Ilze!”

“Definitely crazy,” exhaled the man smelling of cognac and sex, and we both got into bed. After a moment he was already on me and me. I had heard that old people either finish very quickly under the influence or vice versa – it doesn’t last long. For some, of course, not standing at all. But that was not the case. I had a huge, hard pipette that moved vigorously and tore my body. Long and sweet. The splash was also hot and strong…

That’s how my most ugly fantasies came true that night. My pussy also enjoyed the other brother’s semen and I was so, very, very good!

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