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Sex in public – 60 ideas where to do it

70 percent of women and men fantasize about public sex. Some are fascinated by the possibility of being caught, while others just want something new – something other than sex in the bedroom. Have you ever fantasized about having sex in a public place? There is only one thing about public sex – it’s the place where you decide to do it. Although the sexpert Dr. Brian Parker argues that the amount of endorphins associated with the risk of being caught can cause an explosive orgasm, with most people who enjoy sex in public agreeing that quality here is not in the first place.

To reduce the chance of being caught, be prepared for anything. Women can wear long, flared skirts without panties; men can go “commando” or wear loose boxer shorts.

Of course, public sex in many countries is considered a violation. If you do this in another country, be sure to read the local laws first to avoid any unpleasant surprises. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the 60 most popular public places where you can have sex!

1. At the concert

For some people, public sex may seem incredibly exciting, but it’s even more exciting when there are thousands of people around! If you do it during a concert, be sure to choose a place where people can’t see you.

2. In the car

Cars seem to be the most popular public place to have sex, and in some countries cars are not even considered a “public place”. If it disturbs or offends someone, it is against the law. People who have sex in a car can theoretically be arrested, but usually the police just make them find a better place to do it.

If you plan to have sex in the car, be sure to lock the door, avoid the front panel (especially all light switches and horn) and maybe try to park in an empty rather than crowded parking lot.

3. Sex in the public bathroom

This type of semi-public space is a good start for beginners, as the police or bartender is more likely to give you an annoying look than to arrest you. However, unless you plan to have several hours of tantric sex, couples who have sex in public toilets get caught relatively rare. Just remember to lock the door behind you.

4. On the ferry

A friend of mine once had sex on the local tourist boat, which sails along the Daugava in summer! She, dressed only in a dress, sat on the lap of her boyfriend with her face away from him. It looked as if she was just sitting on his lap. Well… except for all the bouncing. But at least there was no nudity.

5. The sink

Positions where a man can get a woman from behind will be great if you have something to lean on, such as a sink. A sink (or wall) will also be useful if you want to do it “face to face” – this way a woman can wrap her legs around a man’s hips. You can use the sink anywhere – in the hotel room during holidays, at truck stops that are open 24 hours a day, or even in the restaurant bathroom.

6. On the beach

To protect yourself from sand getting into all the places, bring a blanket. In fact, it may be even more convenient to have sex by leaning against a rock or a fence. If you are worried about the sand, sex while standing is a great alternative.

7. Parking spaces in the garage

This may not be the best idea if you plan to do it during daylight hours, especially if there are many other cars around. Of course, it’s up to you and your partner. Want advice? Wait until it gets dark and the parking lot is empty. If the car park is located next to the building, it may have security cameras. So choose a remote parking lot and where there is not much chance of getting caught.

8. Sex in the elevator

Sex in the elevator is ment for the brave! The elevator is likely to have security cameras. However, even if you don’t care that the person on the other side of the camera is watching you, you need to beware of other people who can get in the elevator and see you in action. There are fewer people at night and early in the morning, so this could be the right time to have fun. Another thing to keep in mind is the day of the week – if the elevator is in the building you live in, remember that people tend to go to work quite early!

9. Cinema

The cinema is a great place for intimate entertainment. Choose seats at the back of the cinema and make sure you don’t sit too close to anyone. Although it will be dark in the theater, there may be moments of silence in the film itself, so you may want to do it quietly.

10. On the plane

Have you ever heard of a mile-high club? Becoming a member of this “club” is not only extremely risky, but it is also unlikely that you will be able to do it without being caught. And if you get caught in the middle of a flight and the flight is scheduled to stop at another airport, most likely this is where you’re gonna get kicked out.

But if you somehow still manage it, it can be a lot of fun and it will definitely increase your adrenaline. Here are a few things to keep in mind: do it quickly and quietly, avoid staff on board, and do in the toilet rather than in your seats. When you’re done, don’t forget to come out of the toilet separately, not both at once.

Public sex – more fun places to do it

11. In the sauna

12. At the top of the ferris wheel

13. Stores changing room

14. In a narrow alley

15. At work

16. In the zoo

17. In the train bathroom

18. In the locker room

19. In the gym

20. In the park

21. At the bar

22. In the library

23. In the public pool

24. In the back of a taxi

25. Tennis court

26. In the hot tub

27. Under the waterfall

28. On the hiking trail

29. Laundromat

30. In the tent

31. Golf course

32. In a friend’s bed

33. On the boat

34. At the top of the skyscraper

35. On the trampoline

36. Forest

37. On a blanket under the stars

38. Vineyard

39. Strip club

40. Open-air museum

41. Back of a horse

42. At the airport

43. In the museum

44. In the greenhouse

45. During a sports game

46. ​​At a crowded party

47. Cave

48. In a hammock

49. In the rye field

50. In the planetarium

51. Stairwell

52. On a swing in the park

53. In an abandoned building

54. Bowling

55. Behind a very busy building

56. Outdoor changing rooms at public swimming place

57. In the garage

58. Church

59. On board a cruise ship

60. In the basement of an apartment house

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