Hike and uncontrollable thirst

All this enthusiasm about nature, new, unseen places, makes me sick. I don’t want to see canals, rivers, cemeteries or slopes, I don’t want to see it for sightseeing.

For about twenty minutes, we, driver Bērziņš, me and Nada, drove left and right. None of these roads were the right ones, and there were no houses or people around the roadside that could help.

We drove back to the intersection where we started. Noticing a man on the side of the road, we turned in his direction. As we drove closer, we also noticed a car in the direction of which a pedestrian was going. First, a man, fifty years old, who grew up on stubble. We passed him.

The driver in the car looked as surprised as we did when he noticed him standing for a moment. “Hello, would you not tell me which side is Akmeņupīte?” The man thought for a moment in the car. “Towards it, but you won’t drive there!” “We know we won’t come in, just show direction!” Through the open window, the driver put out both hands and explained the directions, simulating a crossroads. “Go straight and then right. Driving along the roadside you will see two houses. You can ask for help in the second, but, in general, there is nothing complicated. Drive until the road ends and walk on. ” While the man was talking, a newcomer sat in the car and passed by. On the driver’s right hand was a tattooed cross. He wore a red, sleeveless shirt. It matched his red, unhealthy face.

We said goodbye, thanked and left

It was easy, just straight until we entered the meadow. We agreed to measure the remaining way on foot. But after less than a hundred meters we came up a hill, from where we could see a well-passable road that disappeared into the forest, some five hundred meters further.

We sat back in the car. Nada walked. Her full name was Nadina. But it seemed too long and inappropriate for the time being. So we trimmed it.

We drove slowly, for a good moment, but no message from Nada. The road remained steeper until it reached a slope of seventy degrees. I could touch the ear heads growing on the side of the road with my fingers through the open window, but the driver could touch the ground. Nada appeared behind the bend. We entered the forest.

The first few meters were hopeful, but immediately even grew into an acrobatic leap of skill, from one long-running race and the other. As they went further, they became softer, muddier, and even more dexterous. The road led through a bushy meadow and disappeared into the forest again.

We went on foot

We walked a man-made trail that had fallen on large birches and alders. The roar of the forest deceived the nearby river. I started to be thirsty.

The first was our driver Bērziņš, after him Nada, but everyone followed me. Sometimes the pace grew so fast that we almost ran to keep up with each other. The thirst took hold. I collected saliva and swallowed in my mouth. There was nothing left after them, only dry foam that could not be swallowed or collected to spit out. “I’m very thirsty!” I will run away, lamenting from behind. No one answered, I just avoided the trees that Nada let open, clearing her way with her hands.

Walking for a while, we came to the open. The river was visible through the trees. “And here the road ends!” looking at the surroundings announced Nada. The only way to continue the road was a slope, which, if bypassed, would return to the road. From high altitude, thirst, and dry shore sand I feel dizzy. I started to hate this river and almost didn’t fall. The root I would stick to remain in my hand. The small stones under my feet like wheels carried me down. I was saved by a cluster of grass growing on the slope, which I grabbed and curled up. It was only a few seconds. “Accidents never drag on!” I thought and stood by my companions who were already waiting for me by the cliff. Bērziņš was looking for a way, Nada seemed dissatisfied, but I would get tired of the foam that sticks to the window like dust in rainy weather. It felt in my mouth and throat.

The trees at the foot of the shore had fallen crosswise

One of the strongest was leaning against another tree growing next to it, which had not yet been broken. As the wind moved them, there was a sharp squeak – like a crying violin.

For another moment we stood in the open, from which we could see the river flowing down. Its shores were reminiscent of ancient settlements.

Continuing the road, we came to the innumerable plain, which was filled with the weakest trees. Mostly birches. They lay on the ground for whole floors.

I sold one sleeper. It sounded very soft. We sat down slowly and one by one to smoke and take a breath. Thirst was unbearable, cigarettes inedible. It only dried, even more, leaving a strong bitterness in his mouth.


“Nada!” I got up. “Well?” she looked up at me she replied. “You don’t want to pee?” “Not too!” “But what if you try?” I stand against her. “It simply came to my notice then. The mouth is dry to dry. I even spoke with difficulty. I will die if you do not help! ” I handed Nada his hands. She stood up. “And what do I do then?” She answered completely indifferently. “Help me!” I pulled him close to me with one hand on my back and immersed the other in my hair, I kissed him. “Ewwww!” Nada stepped down. “How disgusting! Feeling like a thumb in your mouth! ” She sobbed, wiping her mouth. “I know, and so…” I got her hands. “… You have to poke me in the mouth!” I looked into Nada’s eyes, but she didn’t seem to consider the pros or cons. She didn’t seem to think. “So how will it be?” “OK good!” She agreed. “Then let’s move on, come on!”

Bērziņš remained sitting on the rotten wood. He smiled and said nothing. I smiled back and we left. Following the shoreline, we came to the plain, with the same trees as before.

I took off my shirt and let go of the moss, pressing my head against the rotten tree. It snuggled softly and bent under my head. I was ready.

Nada took off her pants and, leaning against my chest with her hand, placed the bottom over her face.

I lay with my mouth open. My throat froze, my lips clung to my teeth, and my tongue throbbed like dry charcoal in my mouth. I breathed through my nostrils, waiting for salvation. “I can not!” Nada exclaimed pity. Her knees trembled like a hand pressing against my chest like a nail in a withered anvil. Her vaginal muscles contracted and relaxed again.

At first, I felt the heat. Pleasant sweet salt refreshment that freed my lips and revitalized my tongue. The warm urine flowed like honey from the beehive-opened frame until I felt bitterness in my throat, swallowing some firewood.

“You saved my life!” I whispered around Nada’s hips. “Yes!” She agreed.

The river was best seen from this plain. The gray rocks crossed the river like a dam line along its entire length, from one bank to the other.

I smoked a cigarette, and we went back to Bērziņš, who will want to take us even further to show the big stone dam that has been remembered since childhood. But we will give up because we agreed to do so first, in the open. We will go back.

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