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Witness the fern flower – the condom

They are used by many to make love. The main thing is that at the most important moment the condom does not disturb or disappoint! Advised by Inese Zālmane, gynecologist of KZS clinic and Alvis Laukmanis, urologist of Uroklinika. WITH MENTHOL OR BUDS? “For a woman who does not have a permanent relationship, but she is open to them, a…

They are used by many to make love. The main thing is that at the most important moment the condom does not disturb or disappoint! Advised by Inese Zālmane, gynecologist of KZS clinic and Alvis Laukmanis, urologist of Uroklinika.


“For a woman who does not have a permanent relationship, but she is open to them, a condom should always be in the bag – for the sake of her health. If the partner has not been known for a long time and there is no guarantee that he is healthy, it is best to take care of yourself using a condom, because it protects not only from unwanted pregnancies, but also from sexually transmitted diseases, »says gynecologist Inese Zālmane.

Condoms are also the least harmful measure for a woman’s health against unwanted pregnancies, because hormonal pills, IUDs and spermicides still affect the body more.

Sometimes women admit that a condom reduces well-being. Dr. Solomon believes that the material and structure of modern condoms are such that they change women’s feelings minimally or not at all. In addition, her experience shows that men are most often opposed to condoms than women. Prejudices against condoms are more common for women for psychological reasons. “Feelings with or without a condom are not so different as to put yourself at risk. Of course, if there is a permanent relationship and it is clear that both partners are healthy, you can choose other methods of contraception, »says Dr. Solomon.


In addition, special thin condoms are currently available, as well as with different textures – grooves, bumps, other supplements, which – on the contrary – directly help to brighten a woman’s feelings. You can vary and look for the type of condom that is most suitable for both the woman and her partner. For example, you can try menthol-treated condoms – it creates coolness, promoting arousal. It is not for nothing that menthol is also included in several orgasm stimulants.

If making love with condoms does not allow you to get rid of it completely, you can buy high-safety condoms that are treated with spermicides. They reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancies even if the condom breaks. Condoms with a flavoring lubricant, such as fruit or berry flavors, for oral sex.


Dispensaries Uro and Uroklīnikas urologist Alvis Laukmane recognize that condom man’s senses and receptor sensitivity of the penis actually slightly reduces because – although the plan, however, it is a barrier. However, for young men and those whose sperm leakage occurs too quickly, it could prolong the process, which would again benefit the woman’s well-being. For those who are very disturbed by the condom, the doctor recommends choosing special plans that have a minimal effect on sensitivity. There are different sizes of condoms: standard, close fitting and wide – they are 2 mm wider than regular condoms.

If the relationship is fresh or a little chaotic, there is no safer and better condom!

Condoms made of polyurethane are also available in sex shops . They are twice as thin as latex condoms, but also durable and safe. Unlike latex, they do not cause allergies and are less noticeable when making love.

“If the relationship is new or a little chaotic, there is nothing safer and better than condoms. And a condom breaks most often not because it is of poor quality, but because it is used incorrectly. For example, it is too big or, on the contrary, too small. Also, men often wear them in trouser pockets, forget and then do not see that the expiration date has already expired. Latex is no longer an eternal material – the tooth of time affects it, therefore also the safety of the product, »says Alvis Laukmanis. Storing condoms in the back trouser pocket can damage both the condom packaging and the rubber itself.



  • Before each sexual intercourse, use a new condom that has not been opened.
  • Put on a condom only on a mature penis! To avoid sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies, this should be done before contact with the partner’s intimate areas.
  • The sachet should be torn open carefully to avoid damaging the rubber inside. It would not be desirable to do this with teeth, long nails or sharp scissors.
  • When removing the condom from the sachet, press the end of the condom with the fingers of one hand and, holding it down, place the condom on the head of the penis with the other hand and roll it over the standing or erect penis so that the condom covers it all. However, the tip of the condom itself must be left free to allow the sperm to accumulate later. When putting on the tip of the condom, it should be squeezed so that no air is left there. Failure to do so may cause the condom to rupture.
  • Care must also be taken not to put the condom upside down – the rolling edge must be outwards. The facts show that putting on a condom, on the other hand, is one of the most common reasons for it to rupture.
  • Immediately after the sperm has leaked, the penis should be pulled out of the vagina, holding the condom at the very bottom to prevent it from slipping and sperm. If the penis is already relaxed, there is a greater chance that the sperm will enter the vagina.
  • If a condom curls, slips or tears during intercourse, it is better to stop making love if you do not want to get pregnant or get an STD.
  • If a condom breaks, the only safe protection against an unwanted pregnancy is emergency contraception. Such over-the-counter medicines Postinor 2 and Escapelle are available in Latvia . It is also important on which day of the cycle the accident occurs – the highest risk of pregnancy is in the middle of the cycle and shortly before.


  • Condoms, or more precisely – male condoms, are still the most frequently used contraceptive in Latvia. Used properly, they are also one of the safest methods – 97-98 percent efficiency.
  • A condom is the only one that protects against all sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV and syphilis. It also significantly reduces the risk of acquiring human papillomavirus (HPV) (which is blamed for causing cervical cancer), but does not provide 100% protection, as HPV can only be acquired by touching a partner’s genitals or during oral sex.
  • The condom is powerless against genital herpes, warts, lice and scabies – here only physical contact is enough.
  • Condoms are most often used by young people who do not have a long-term, permanent relationship. Surveys show that they choose this contraceptive because of its availability, safety, convenience and price. Misunderstandings also happen most often to young people – a condom breaks, does not work. It turns out that the main cause of such troubles is the use of a condom under the influence of alcohol when it is not properly put on.
  • If lubricants are used with condoms, ( Read here: What to use instead of lubricant (and what not? ) ? The same should be done if one of the partners is taking any medication, such as suppositories, ointments. The rubber structure can also be damaged by various oils, such as baby oil, fragrances and gels.

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