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20 types of penises – what to do with each of them

Male penises, like snowflakes, are absolutely unique. As womenshealthmag.com writes: “All penises come in different shapes, lengths, and curvatures. Therefore, during sex, it is important to find what is right for you and your partner. “It turns out it’s 20! different types of penises. Let’s look at what they are and what to do with them.

1. Cone

Description: This is a penis with a narrowed tip.

Characteristics: Because the tip of the penis is narrower than its base, penetration into a woman’s vagina is initially simple, but when inserted deeper, the partner may experience discomfort.

Tips & Warnings Men with this type of member should do everything in a hurry. It is necessary to use a lubricant to penetrate deeply. ( Take a look here to find out what is better not to use a lubricant instead ).

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2. Mushroom

Description: Some penises are narrower at the base and expand at the end. If it’s hard to imagine, imagine mushrooms.

Characteristics: Penetration into a woman’s vagina can be difficult.

Recommendations: Missionary posture will be most appropriate and comfortable for this form. At the beginning of the entry, the vagina will expand more, but later the shape of the penis will provide more stimulation.

3. Wide penis

Description: This is a penis that is wider than most limbs and remains even wider during an erection.

Characteristics: For some women, a thick penis causes discomfort, but others prefer girth rather than length.

Tips & Warnings When making love, it is important not to forget about the lubricant. During intimate sex, due to the large penis, there is more friction, which can cause microtraumas on the inner walls of the vagina.

4. Narrow member

Description: There are also fairly narrow male penises.

Traits: Many men do not know how to make love when their penis is narrow. In this case, it is important to choose the right posture, and during sex, the man’s penis must have reached the maximum erection – then it will be in maximum width

Recommendations: You should choose sex positions in which the woman’s legs are tightly folded, then it will seem that the penis is thicker, and it will provide more pleasure.

5. Circumcised penis

Description: During circumcision (usually performed on babies), the foreskin, the skin that covers the head of the penis, is removed.

Interesting: In America, for example, about 90% of men have circumcised penises.

6. Uncircumcised penis

Description: The foreskin of an uncircumcised penis is not removed (circumcision or non-circumcision is related to religion, country, traditions, etc.).

Important: Men should regularly slide the foreskin and wash thoroughly under it to avoid unwanted bacteria.

Recommendations: During an erection, the penis enlarges, as does the foreskin. In any case, the head of the penis is a particularly sensitive area, so it is recommended to handle it gently.

7. A member that increases significantly during an erection

Description: This type of penis in an erect position gets much bigger than usual.

Recommendations: It is recommended to start with caresses or oral sex to allow your partner’s penis to achieve a maximum erection. Then it is also possible to see its true length and width and decide which pose to choose.

8. A penis of equal length with and without an erection

Description: This type of male penis remains similar in size both during sexual arousal and the normal state.

Recommendations: Time to stop at a sex toy store. Why? According to experts, you can buy a special penis ring to make the erection last longer. The recommended posture – when a woman is lying on her back with her legs bent – a man can enter the vagina along the entire length of the penis.

9. Curved penis

Description: During an erection, this penis is slightly bent to one side.

Characteristics: Without sexual arousal, such a dick looks straight.

Tips & Warnings This type of member-owner can have great benefits. If the head of the penis rises, it can stimulate the woman’s G-spot. In this case, a sex position is recommended, where the woman is at the top, embracing the man – then the feelings will be most pronounced for both partners.

10. Small penis

Description: A small penis is considered shorter than average (13 cm long) during an erection – ie one that is about 8 cm long during an erection. Basically, a small penis is smaller compared to other male penises.

Peculiarities: Length is only one parameter and the width of the penis has not been taken into account by scientists, so there is no official average level of penis width. True, some women claim that the width of the penis is more important than the length.

Recommendations: To feel more of the penis, allow the male pubic bone to be directly in front of the female clitoris during intercourse.

11. Large penis

Description: A penis that reaches 18 cm or more during an erection is considered large.

Characteristics: For information, no penis does not fit in a woman’s vagina.

Recommendations: The most important thing in this case – as much lubricant as possible and do not rush. Take time to foreplay to make the entry process easier. Avoid postures with a woman at the top of the woman’s penis that seems too big.

12. Unpredictable penis

Description: This type of penis is not always able to become hard or stay that way for long.

Features: About 40% of penises do not always function as they should. In addition, it can also indicate serious health problems. In this situation, do not panic. Satisfy your partner orally.

13. Emotionally sensitive penis

Description: An erection disappears due to tension, anxiety, shame, or similar things.

Peculiarities: The inability to maintain an erection may indicate that the man is not feeling emotionally well or that he is feeling a lot of psychological pressure.

Suggestions: Talk to your partner about your relationship, saying what is causing the discomfort.

14. Very smooth penis

Description: Such a penis looks as sleek as if carved from marble.

Qualities: Such a member is especially nice for oral sex, and if you are having sex for the first time, getting in will be easier and more enjoyable.

Recommendations: If a woman wants more stimulation during intercourse, try a penis ring or textured condom.

15. Penis with pronounced veins

Description: There are penises whose veins are not only visible but also felt during an erection.

Features: Penile vascularity depends on two factors – genetics and muscle (athletic men have more blood vessels on the penis, veins closer to the skin).

Recommendations: Any texture, including raised veins, will give the woman a more pronounced feeling, as most of the nerve endings are closer to the vaginal opening. Try a posture when the woman is up, controlling the speed at which the penis is pushed. It is also a great way to stimulate the clitoris.

16. Darker colored member

Description: Such penises are darker than the rest of the body – it does not depend on race.

Peculiarities: Female genitals are sometimes darker. It depends only on the pigmentation and melanin content.

Recommendations: The color of the penis does not affect its shape or functionality.

17. Penis with pigmented spots

Description: Penis with freckles or birthmarks.

Properties: Skin color is just an aesthetic feature. However, the pigment can sometimes indicate a disease called skin cancer. If you are worried, see a doctor.

Tips & Warnings If you have a new partner, you need to use a condom. If you notice unseen spots on your partner’s regular penis, encourage your partner to see a specialist.

18. Hairy penis

Description: Pubic hair grows around the base of the penis and testicles.

Properties: Pubic hair protects against bacteria and dirt, they emit a partner-attracting scent (pheromones).

Tips & Warnings If your partner is really bothered by pubic hair, you can ask him or her to shave or shorten it.

19. Shaved hair

Description: Some people like to shave their hair in the genital area.

Features: Pubic hair traps bacteria, but shaving the penis is not dangerous.

Tips & Warnings Enjoy the view – you will clearly see the base of the penis, the testicles, and everything else. And do not forget the lubricant – it moisturizes the skin, there will be more slip and pleasure.

20. Penis with growths

Description: An uneven penis will definitely cause anxiety – growths on the penis are a sign of a disease like cancer. According to experts, the penis can look like cauliflower – tubers usually appear on the foreskin if the penis is not circumcised.

Peculiarities: According to experts, penile cancer is a relatively rare disease in a man with a circumcised penis, it is more common in those whose penis is not circumcised. Experts recommend paying attention to whether there is unusual pain in the area of ​​the scrotum.

Recommendations: If you notice any of the above symptoms or any other unusual changes, tell your partner to see a doctor immediately. If a spot or thickening appears that was not present, do not ignore it.

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