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10 taboo sex activities that are completely normal

Regardless of the century in which we live, there are still various sex taboos or forbidden sex topics that people do not really discuss with their partners or friends. Even if they are interested in these topics. For fear of touching on such a topic, where else to try it, the opportunity to gain new…

Regardless of the century in which we live, there are still various sex taboos or forbidden sex topics that people do not really discuss with their partners or friends. Even if they are interested in these topics.

For fear of touching on such a topic, where else to try it, the opportunity to gain new experience is missed. After all, how do you know what you like if you don’t try it?

Here are some expert tips on what sexual activities everyone should look into. These things should not be considered sex taboos, especially because of all the good feelings they could give you. Remember that you – and only you – determine what makes you happy. The process of exploring your feelings and desires should not be based on other people’s opinions.


There are many couples who completely avoid sex during menstruation because one or both partners consider it taboo or strange. But it shouldn’t be at all! With a little preparation and extra hygiene, menstrual sex can be as fun as any other day of the month.

However, keep in mind that sex during menstruation can actually increase cramps and bloating (and in other cases, reduce cramps and bloating!). So keep track of your body and what makes you feel good.


Well, it might not be taboo, but sex without even touching the genitals is what most adults don’t choose. While this may seem a bit ‘elementary school style’, focusing on your partner’s body, exploring his or her body shape, and observing how the other responds to different types of touch in unexpected places can be both an erotic and incredibly intimate activity.


An interesting lesson: sex can mean anything you want it to mean. And contrary to what you may have learned, it doesn’t have to involve anything that goes inside you or your partner. We must be aware that the penis is not the only organ that gives pleasure. So you have to define and have sex in any way you want – whether it involves penetrating each other’s body or not.


One would think that virtual sex is currently the safest way to do TO. But just because it’s safe doesn’t mean that virtual love should be completely forgotten after the end of the pandemic. Gone are the days when online sex was all associated with the darkest corners of questionable chat rooms. Whether you want to send sexy messages via text or voice, share sexy photos or sexy videos, it’s easy and acceptable, because sex and digital technology now go hand in hand.


Yes, this applies to both men and women. There are many nerve endings inside and around the anus that make everyone feel surprisingly good. It is not necessary to insert a penis during anal games. Working around this place (and also the whole buttocks in general), a whole range of feelings will open up. Sexologists believe that people should become less stingy and more educated when it comes to anal play and sex. Part of the reason why this is still taboo is the lack of knowledge on how to do it painlessly and pleasantly.


It turns out that a very large proportion of women are unable to orgasm from simple intercourse. Let me introduce you to a vibrator (or any other sex toy you want to try). While sex toys are certainly fun in themselves, they can enhance sex with a partner more than many people think. From the fact that it helps both partners to have an orgasm at the same time (or close to it), to the addition of a new kind of sensation to their sex game.

This also applies to sex toys for men. There are now so many great, thoughtful devices for the penis. Whether you work alone or with someone, no one should be ashamed of trying this kind of pleasure.

Impact game

Beating, biting, or slapping – by hand or other objects – can be a lot of fun and enjoyment for some. As with any sexual activity, as long as all those involved have an understanding of the activity taking place, all the risks and safety considerations have been discussed and both parties agree, there is no reason for this to be taboo. You are not ‘broken’ if you want to get some good sexy slaps or if you want to be the one to do it to another.


Like the game of influence, BDSM, which means “bondage, discipline, dominance, submission”, is exciting for many people. Restricting your partner safely, adding some more intense feelings with handcuffs and braces, or blindfolding your partner while you work with his body is a way for more and more people to cross the boundaries of what is called “normal” sex. Again, like any whim, as long as each partner has agreed and a “security word” has been introduced, everything can be fun and enjoyable.


Most often, when we mention the word pegging, we imagine a woman holding a dildo and injecting it into another woman. And unfortunately, because anal sex has historically been associated with “gay activities,” many heterosexual men do not find this activity engaging. But a reminder: where and how you get pleasure does not determine your sexuality.

Anal stimulation and the act of penetration can make great feeling for all types of partners, but being a “recipient” when you are being given pleasure by someone who feels the power and sexiness of a “giver” (which can occur when wearing a strapon) can be incredibly good. Or at least supersexual.


Forget about what you think is voyeurism and exhibitionism, because you may be thinking wrong (and associate it with an unpleasant, illegal context). If both parties have agreed unanimously and it is used in a sexual matter, these acts are, in fact, extremely arousing.

Exhibitionism is a feature in which a person feels sexually aroused about the idea or reality of being seen naked or involved in sexual activities. And it usually goes hand in hand with voyeurism, which is someone who feels sexually aroused by watching someone else be naked or engage in sexual activity.

Unfortunately, voyeurism and exhibitionism are still considered taboo due to a lack of understanding of how to approach it and how to recommend it to people. But you are not sexually ‘wrong’ just because you want someone to watch you have sex, or you want sex in a public place, or you want someone else to masturbate in front of you.

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