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Want to try role-playing games? Suggestions and ideas

If you want to give light to your sex life and have long dreamed of fulfilling various erotic fantasies, maybe you should start with role play. They will help you play out your sexual fantasies in life by incarnating a fictional hero. And that doesn’t mean that one of you has to be harsh and the other is…

If you want to give light to your sex life and have long dreamed of fulfilling various erotic fantasies, maybe you should start with role play. They will help you play out your sexual fantasies in life by incarnating a fictional hero. And that doesn’t mean that one of you has to be harsh and the other is humble. Role-playing games consist of much more than just whips or handcuffs. Therefore, this time we will talk to about what role-playing games you need to know to try them, as well as look at some role-playing game ideas.


First, role-playing begins with our imagination. Maybe we all have some kind of fantasy we want to try. Sometimes such fantasies are very different from who you really are. Incarnating in another opens up new opportunities for us to become bolder and express everything we want.

role-playing games - ideas

So invent your imagination from the beginning. What would you like to become? What would you like to try? Will there be a need for costumes or a specific venue for the action? What fascinates you?

Once the scenario is clear, it will be much easier to realize the fruits of your imagination, so start with an idea!

For the first time, there is no need to “invent a bike” – you can use one of the classic scenarios. For example, one of you will be a coach and the other will be a gym visitor. Or a masseur and a client. A simple but effective fantasy.


Once you have figured out what you want, the next step is to discuss it with your partner. Find out if he is interested in such an offer at all. Discuss the purpose of the role play. Maybe you want to slightly diversify your sex life and overcome the routine? Or maybe this is the first step towards a new experience – like BDSM?

role-playing games - ideas

If you are excited before such a conversation, think about how to indirectly start the topic of the role play. You can tell him/her that you saw a dream with such a scenario and it seemed like something you would like to try in your life. You can send this fantasy to another in writing – sometimes it is easier to write a fantasy than to tell it in your eyes. Mutual trust is very important for such games.

Role-playing is a tempting idea and can be tried by anyone, only taking into account that the first time should be as simple as possible. We have prepared some ideas for hot evenings.

Changed roles

If one of you is usually more dominant in the relationship and the other is more submissive, change roles this time. So easy!

Special delivery

If you don’t want to cook tonight and want to explore a new role-playing idea, this will be the perfect scenario. Let’s say you order a pizza, thinking you have enough money in your pocket. But when the sexy pizza supplier arrives, you can’t find the money. And then of course, you ask, is there any other way to pay for it?

role-playing games - ideas

You are my muse

Allow your artistic side to make your partner enter the room, undress, and pose as a model. Looking at your muse, you faithfully draw, paint or perceive her form in any way that appeals to you. Just make sure it continues in the bedroom.

Strangers at night

If you want to start a new and sexy relationship with your partner, just pretend that you have never met each other. You can meet at the bar or online. Playing with a stranger or an anonymous person allows you to creatively explore sexual identity and desires. You will have to use your seduction skills again to flirt and see your partner with fresh eyes.

I’m sorry, Mr. Cop

a woman gets pulled over - Album on Imgur

“Do you know why I stopped you?” the policeman asks you. Of course, you know, only what will you have to do to pay for this violation?

Kvēlākais fans

It’s fun to be a rock star and a complete stranger who is abnormally stuck in an artist. Enjoy a scenario in which you are a music legend. You’ve just stepped off the stage and are looking for a fan to spend the night with.

Teach me everything you know

Even if you and your partner have both tried almost everything, feel into roles where one is completely inexperienced and the other shares their favorite methods. This scenario is an opportunity to rewrite your sexual history and again create an exciting thrill for the first time.

To love or hate?

Anger-filled sex can be extremely exciting, but you don’t have to wait for your partner to seriously annoy you or vice versa. Just imagine an event in the past or pretend to be someone else you really hate and then have fun.

Favorite hotel

Meet your partner in an unfamiliar place, such as a hotel, and try to disguise yourself in some way, such as with sunglasses and a wig. This role-play scenario creates a sense of forbidden and taboo and seems like a dangerous situation that could have dire consequences.

Hot yoga

hot yoga

The scenario is as follows: although your downward dog yoga posture is pure, your yoga instructor wants to “fix” it a bit more.

Business and enjoyment

One of you is a sex provider and the other is a customer who has bought the other overnight. Put the money on the bedside table and wait for the doorbell to ring. If you are a sex provider in this game, indicate what is offered and what is not. If you are a customer, indicate what services you would like to receive. Once you have finished talking, you can have sex, which is a simple deal.

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