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Have a party with the naughty version of “Truth or Dare”

The good old “Truth or Dare” is always useful for a proper party cut. Especially if it’s a naughty version of this game . And the best part is that it can also be played in a virtual environment. While you may not be able to meet any of the ‘Risks’ that Zoom would make possible with everyone in one room, the virtual Truth or Danger game can be just as intense and amusing.

Invite friends and give the event a light with these questions from the naughty version of “Truth or Dare” prepared by Sekss.lv . Fun is guaranteed!

Naughty “Truth” questions

1) Which one would you most like to kiss in this room?

2) Who would you most like to sleep in this room with?

3) Which one would you most like to see naked in this room?

4) Describe your first kiss.

5) How old were you when you first had sex?

6) Do you ever watch porn?

7) How often do you masturbate ?

8) Do you have a sex toy? (And if so, which one?)

9) What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you during sex?

10) What is the most unpleasant thing that has ever happened to you during sex?

truth or risk adult version

11) Who is the person you have had the best kiss with?

12) Who is the best sex partner you have ever been?

13) Have you ever had threesome sex?

14) Have you ever swam naked?

15) What is sexier in your current partner?

16) What is weirder that excites you?

17) Describe the underwear you are currently wearing.

Having an Affair at Work Can Be Fun but Risky - Loveaholics

18) Have you ever fantasized about any of your co-workers?

19) Name the celebrity you have had sexual fantasies about.

20) Have you ever had sex in a public place ?

21) Have you ever been caught during sex?

22) Have you ever run over someone who has sex?

23) Tell us your weirdest sex dream.

24) Have you ever had anal sex?

25) Have you ever taken a nude photo?

26) Have you filmed yourself during sex?

27) Have you ever been to a sex party?

28) Have you ever tied / handcuffed your partner during sex?

29) Have you ever inherited someone during sex?

30) Has anyone ever passed away to you during sex?

31) Have you ever tried a role play in bed and what were the roles?

32) If you could only take one sex toy to a lonely island, what would it be?

On the hunt for the best sex toys for women? How to find the right one for  you

33) If you could only do one thing a lifetime during sex, what would it be?

34) Which would you rather give up for a year: sex or alcohol?

35) Which would you rather give up for a year: sex with a partner or masturbation?

36) Have you ever cheated on a partner?

37) Have you ever had sex in a car ?

38) Who was your first sexual partner?

39) Which would you rather give up for a year: kissing or masturbating?

40) Have you ever slept with a close friend?

41) Have you closed someone’s eyes / have you closed your eyes during sex?

42) What is the largest number of orgasms you have ever had in one day?

43) Have you ever had sex in the shower?

Why Shower Sex Is The Best Sex - Society19

44) Have you ever had sex in a pool or hot tub?

45) Have you ever slept with someone who is ten (or more) years older or younger than you?

46) Name the three songs you listen to during sex.

47) Do you prefer to give or receive oral sex?

48) Have you ever slept with someone you don’t know the name of?

49) Have you ever played orgasm?

50) Have you ever been tied up during sex?

Naughty “Dare” questions

1) Show your orgasm face.

2) Gives the chair a lap dance.

3) Run around the house – naked.

4) Choose a partner and demonstrate one of these sex poses (with clothes on).

5) Send the message “Are you awake?” To your liking.

6) Send eggplant or peach emoji to your liking without further explanation.

7) Close your eyes and pull right ten times in your dating app.

Can a computer learn when to swipe right on Tinder? | Computerworld

8) Kiss passionately with the back of your hand for 15 seconds.

9) Show your oral sex technique to the nearest appropriate item.

10) Build a [insert person’s name] motorboat for 10 seconds (read ‘ here ‘ what it is).

11) Kisses [insert name of person] on the cheek.

12) Kisses [insert name of person] on the lips.

13) Kiss with [insert name of person] using the tongue for at least 5 seconds.

14) Imitate a sex scene from Fifty Shades of Gray .

How 'Fifty Shades' Sex Scenes Are Filmed - Jamie Dornan Talks 'Fifty Shades  Freed'

15) Performs a dramatic reading of a sex scene from an erotic novel.

16) Imitate a pornographic scene involving a pizza supplier.

17) Read the latest message sent to you that contains something obscene.

18) Open the last e-mail you sent and read it in your sexiest way and voice.

19) Show your hand-job technique to the nearest matching subject.

20) Cut out the bottle and kiss the one where it stops.

21) Theatrically portray the first time you had sex.

22) Theatrically portray your most shameful sexual experience.

23) Dance seductively with Right Said Fred’s song “I’m Too Sexy”.

24) Seductively dances to Ginuwine’s song “Pony”.

25) Choose a partner and represent the slow dance of the seventh grade class evening.

26) Drop the whipped cream / chocolate sauce from [insert name of person] [insert body part].

27) Drink a shot from [insert person’s name] ‘s body.

28) Take a ‘seven minutes in paradise’ with [insert person’s name] (both people are locked together for 7 minutes).

29) Take off your shirt and only put it on the next move.

30) Take off your pants and keep them taken off until the next move.

31) Take off your pants and shirt and keep them taken off until the next move.

32) Take a marker and allow someone to draw a tattoo on your bottom.

Is Your Voice Sexy? Tips to Make It Irresistible - I Love My LSI

33) Try to excite someone in the room using only your voice.

34) Kisses [insert name of person] feet.

35) Perform [insert name of person] one minute head massage.

36) Give [insert name of person] one minute back massage.

37) Perform [insert name of person] one minute foot massage.

38) Perform [insert name of person] one minute after-massage.

39) Striptease dances in front of everyone.

40) Allow someone in the group to take responsibility for your dating app profile for five minutes.

41) Hold a piece of ice in your teeth and pull it over [insert person’s name] chest.

Top foreplay moves using ice cubes | Femina.in

42) Slowly pull with the tip of your tongue from the [insert name of person] collarbone to the earlobe.

43) Exchange shirts with someone in the room.

44) Give someone a sip of the drink from their mouth.

45) Take off your underwear and leave it in the middle of the circle for the rest of the game.

46) Turn on the sexy song of your choice and sexy ‘grate’ against the wall for 30 seconds.

47) Show everyone the sexy selfie stored on your phone.

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