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The strangest questions from innocent girls ,or forum pearls

Sex education is undoubtedly an integral part of the daily life of today’s youth, but some of the questions asked by young people at home in various Internet forums are involuntarily laughed at. At the end of the working week, Sekss.lv offers to take a look at the strangest questions of innocent girls about and around sex. To leave!


The strangest questions about sex
  • My guy satisfied me with his fingers and I started to bleed. Have I lost my virginity? I don’t understand anything!
  • Can I have sex with two condoms? Has anyone tried? Is it really safer?
  • When does the hymen appear? Before or after sex? Please illuminate!
  • How can I tell if I’m done?
  • When the body is overwhelmed by pleasant tremors and the muscles contract – is it an orgasm?

Please tell me, how big is a penis to a 14 to 15 year old boy?

  • How long do those damn sperms keep their viability? One or more days?
  • I have decided to make love in the bath with my first boyfriend. How big is the risk of getting pregnant from sperm roaming the water?
  • What sounds would be best to mimic an orgasm? ” Oooo ” or ” Ahhhhh ”?
  • If an innocent girl has oral sex, is she still considered innocent?
  • Somewhere I heard such a thing – if a girl has sex with several guys in one day, the chances of getting pregnant are zero. Is it true?

Fucks like God. How does he do it? I do not understand!


The strangest questions about sex
  • How is masturbation different from sex?
  • Can a boy bite eggs during a gathering? Will he like it?
  • Is it true that a year after losing her virginity, a girl can safely continue having sex and not get pregnant?
  • Can you really get rid of that? That is terribly harmful!
  • My periods had to start on June 5 – but didn’t start. What does it mean? Am I accidentally sleeping with someone?

Yesterday I tried to put my little finger in my anus. Well, it didn’t work! Tell me, how will a man’s penis go in, if even my little finger doesn’t get in there?

  • The day before yesterday, I saw a video in which a guy put his fist in a girl’s vagina. How is this possible at all? That is not real!
  • I’ve noticed that my guy regularly masturbates – tell me, should I consider it a scam?
  • About how many years can you start having oral and anal sex?
  • Why don’t men use desiccants and other means to keep their members from smelling so bad?
  • What could be more painful? Ordinary or oral sex?

What is minet(oral sex) and does it need a condom?


The strangest questions about sex
  • Or are boys painful and uncomfortably stinky for the first time?
  • Is giving it harmful to a girl’s health?
  • Is it true that if a girl does not lose her virginity until the age of 18, her vagina will overgrow?
  • How many goods are needed for the first time?
  • Can a woman get pregnant by swallowing a man’s semen? Maybe it’s better to spit it out?

Is it true that when you sleep with an innocent girl, the boy’s penis will be in blood?

  • What would be the best choice for the first masturbation – a banana or a toothbrush? Help please! Very willing to try!
  • The first sex was at 11 years old, but the second one, haven’t still got it. Where to look for it?
  • What does the size of the clitoris depend on? What gives a big clit to me?
  • Does it mean that when boys slide their hands at a girl’s vagina, do they want her?
  • After my first sex with my boyfriend, I got sick all the time. Is sex really that very harmful?

My friend tried to get me in the ass, but something didn’t really work. The next day, my ass started bleeding – does that mean my virginity was taken? I think it only happens after childbirth!

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